Hunters, watch your dogs. Dog & Cat vs Momma Deer in Cranbrook, Canada.

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Star’s owner speaks!

UPDATE 01-19-11- Star was treated at Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Jamie Levine, said hospital worker Jo Walsh.

“He was really bruised and shaken up by it all, but apparently he’s doing well now,” Walsh said.

“The poor thing only has one eye and he’s arthritic and he’s deaf — he didn’t know what hit him.”

Walsh said deer vs. pet fights have become a big problem in Cranbrook.

A number of injured pets have been treated, and the hospital has had to “put little dogs down, because they’ve been so badly mauled,” Walsh said.

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Personally, I would have grabbed the closest heavy object and pummeled the hell out of that deer if it was stomping my baby like that.

I didn’t film this nor was I there. Here is his/her description:

fsubra- June 09, 2010 — A newborn fawn creates a dangerous situation when mom gets protective. Starts cute, ends scary. Warning: this is disturbing stuff.
I cut the footage because I ended up filming the dog’s owner, whose privacy had to be protected.
The dog eventually left limping—since posting this I have heard that it recovered. THE DOG IS OKAY, I think.
River, my deer-whispering cat, is fine—we’ll see if he learned his lesson. (And no, I won’t put him on a leash or lock him in the house. A cat is not a dog.)
We did call animal control, there was nothing they could do.
As to why I didn’t stop filming to help the dog:
there were other people around, the dog wasn’t mine, I selfishly felt lucky to have something extraordinary to film.
If that makes me an idiot… well, that wouldn’t exactly be news to anyone in these parts.
And no, we never gave food to a deer, but they are all over the place and we probably need some level of government to address the issue before some kid gets hurt. That’s why I filmed and posted this.
(Don’t worry, John Wayne, this is in Canada—here we like the government to help with problems individuals can’t address alone, it makes us feel like our taxes go somewhere useful. I am not advocating for more government in Texas or Iowa… to each his own, amigo. Incidentally, that’s another reason why no guns were involved in this downtown scene.)
After this was picked up by and others, my email account couldn’t handle the influx of comments (I stopped at 214 an hour), which is why I’m trying to answer questions here.
Finally: yes, my being there filming contributed to the problem, stressing the doe. And yes, I feel bad about it.
My excuse: River has been hanging out with deer for a long time… this was a first, because of the newborn, and it went haywire in a hurry.

Ghetto Cranbrook deer
Deer beats up dog
El Venado de Cranbrook
Ghetto Deer Nek minnit.
Porkzc (Deer) Vs OhSuzhii(Cat) Go_Mercy(Dog)
بسة فااااااضية


martin thorne says:

this kind of thing is only to be expected after all if it was the cat protecting it's kittens or the dog protecting it's pups no one would complain but because it's a "wild animal" protecting it's young then people seem shocked or? are they shocked because the deer is in a town & isn't in the wild?

Matt Hartwick says:

If that was my dog getting pummeled… a couple of double-00 buck rounds would have been unloaded into that deer… or maybe a slug round

Leo Leonardo says:

The girl sound like those mondingo fuck in pornhub. Oh shit. Oohhh

Michael Lee says:

Nice job my deer

M francis says:

12 nigga 12 pow bitch

ALEXingarm Jhe says:


Myztik says:

are you high why the fuck are you talking to a deer what the fuck

Selwyn Greenfrith says:

nonce cat

Val says:

The only being at fault here is the owner for letting her half-blinded deaf dog wander freely when there's a deer with her cub nearby. The deer saw the dog as a threat and was trying to protect her child. Plus, the owner didn't do anything to help the dog. Even though it'd be risky, that's the expense for owning a pet.

XLocusWizardX says:

I would've skinned that cunt if it touched my dog and ik it was protecting it's baby but look in the video the dog is like 10 feet away how tf is it doing anything to the little bastard

StagQueen says:

its a mother protecting her child, ofc she's going to attack anything that threatens it. you should know better than to let your dog just approach it or even be near it.

AmvRage says:

When you owe someone money and they catch your ass for not paying on time.

Jake Lane says:

Stop filming idiot and save the dog. The deer won't hurt you.

Luigi Turiano says:

Cats are amazing quick!! Fast! <3

Luigi Turiano says:

The cat is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE just like all cats! I loovve cats sooooo much!!!! A true lion at heart! The deer should be meat!

Adamo Fiscella says:

but did Star die?

Maria Penguin says:

That lady is stupid for not having her dog on a leash.

mlg springtrap says:

shoot the thing you will get a free dinner and a new pet

Jack Bizzell says:

Deer was clearly protecting her fawn that much is clear but what I don't get is why that idiot owner let the dog out. You got a responsibility for your pets to keep them safe not have them walk around wild animals. What if it was a bear and not a deer? RIP Star then.

Damon Jones says:

Damn momma Deer was river dancing all over that dog LOL, and no wonder that dog caught that brutal L his name is stark lmao

Joslyn Burroughs says:

That dog should have attacked the deer or maybe defended itself stuipid woman and dog

Jakub Smejkal says:

Stupid fucking woman screaming in the background like she's the victim.

Texas Showdown says:

women lol they are so funny. real mutha fuckers would run at that deer and choke it out! then you have deer meat for dinner bitches!!

ViralTuber says:

I used the Wayback machine (Internet Archive) and went back to the defunct web page about Star (the dog) mentioned in the video description. I read where Star's owner said Star is such a good dog that he deserved to be off-leash to get hit full speed by a 1/2 ton pickup truck so hard his eye literally popped out. Then Star's owner said Star is such a good dog that he deserved to be off-leash so that a deer could brutally beat him nearly to death.
If Star wasn't such a good dog he'd be on a leash as required by law, preventing him from being nearly killed so often. But Star is a really good dog, which apparently means no one cares how dangerous/deadly things get for him. …Star's too good to be kept safe, I guess.


2017 still watching

wupperelfe says:

Once again you see that a lot of dogs react submissively (or frightened) because domesticating their ancestors plus treating them like children has robbed them of their survival skills! The cat? You might see one or two runts of the litter who are born small and therefore are timid, but old or young, whatever race, the cat relies on her-/ himself; even if she lives with humans she will still hunt her own food from time to time, she needs no training to fight even bears with viciousness if need be! That's why the dog shown in the video doesn't fight back – or even run! – but the cat at least gets some good punches in before she decided that it's smarter to run!
And that annoying female from somewhere out of sight doesn't even run to the scene to help her dog!
Afraid of Bambi when Kitteh isn't?

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