Is it ok to carry a cat like a baby?

Should you carry your cat in a “baby carry”? Many people asked. I love you for it. Clearly the answer is yes! But wait, what is the proper technique, what are the pros and cons, and what does Mr. Pirate’s face look like upside down? Discover by watching the video.

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Lina Ramirez says:

I would die for mr pirate

tibbynibby says:

The other cat is watching like: "what are you doing?"

lazu says:

i love your videos soooo much, theyre so wholesome and i am so glad i found this channel. ♥

Sandra Waller says:

Love cats !

Loren Bourne says:


Grey Kitten says:

My cat loves to be carried like a baby when she was kitten. Now since she is 4 years old, she loves to climb to my shoulder

iiMooseii says:

I used to have a cat that trusted me so much she would let me hold her in any position I wanted to – like a baby, on the shoulder, on my side, etc. We had such a strong bond. I have a newer cat now and so far she seems similar. We already have such a strong bond. I guess I’m just like a cat whisperer or something lol. Any cat I meet ends up loving me.

Bron Bron says:

Gorgeous cats! Thank you for these. So encouraging to find out I have been doing ok from the cats' point of view. ( Australian here , hi 🙂 )

Grape Toast says:

This is the kind of quality content I expect on youtube.

Cadenthecapybara says:

One of my kitties only tolerates being baby carried. The other only tolerates being held with her front paws on my shoulder. I love holding both of them!

Stupid Studios says:

That cat is so cute

Juno Pranindito says:

lol i never realize how much my cats trust me.. i baby carry ALL of them.. and they just sleep while im doin it..

Memer boi says:

I wish I could hold my cat but he doesn’t let me hold him for more then 10 seconds 😡

EVE Notec Corporation Consolidated says:

Squish the cat! 😀

Your local asshole says:

My cat gets all squirmy if I hold her like this for too long

Bella Atwell says:

Pirate's a dope cat

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