IT’S A CAT! (ft. INTENSE 16-bit music)


i’m not stopping RB videos, this is just filler.

cat’s favorite toy + hyperactive cat = fun
cell phone camera + 16-bit music = this video

a few months ago I was at my cousin’s house and got some footage of me flinging her cat’s favorite toy all over the place, which the cat tracked with pinpoint accuracy somehow.

shot on my cell phone camera

according to my cousin, the cat’s name is Cali.

that’s about it.

music’s from contra hard corps and streets of rage 2


mrsmart344 says:

dat music annoying as hell lawl xD

13yelloweyes says:

I was on a long road trip and I watched this on my phone for like an hour.
Thank you

allooutrick says:

If this played in my head I'd find string fun too

GmodCaboose56 says:

3:01 Streets of Rage?

azuritereaction says:

@monkario12fan12 old school like will smith, thanks man 😀

monkario says:

I can't believe that I have been subbed to you before this vid came up. Maybe near the 50th video was the time I subbed.

sonnetxi says:

@azuritereaction another fun activity to try with your cat. tape its side 🙂

OfficialGameHub says:

It looks like kootra's cat Wrex

Andrew Brasfield says:

Rockband videos have stopped though! :O!

ckyy2j says:

The future Dez sent me here

Voice0fDeath says:

I love these genesis 16-bit melodies. So fucking epic and groovy! Have you heard the adventures of Batman & Robin soundtrack? that shit is way ahead of its time haha

werewolfgirl1995 says:

Mind if I steal her XD I'll take good care of her

poolk234 says:

@gearheadtedm Its funny because this is in 2009 ._.

azuritereaction says:

@gearheadtedm pretty much

tjoef1992 says:

@awesomereece123 lol 😀

awesomereece123 says:

Future Azurite sent me…

gearheadtedm says:

recorded with a gameboy camera…

MrFatrussian says:

That's a very finger you have there

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