James Bond Cat Pole Dance

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I asked my brother Jason to take care of my cats while away and I get a text message with this when I asked “how are the cats?”

**PLEASE NOTE: James Bond (the cat) is PURRING during the making of this and loves my brother. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Jason is a trained professional. You could lose an eye, limb, or bleed to death or even worse, hurt the cat.


Sydney Gersper says:

this is mean

Strangeness Charm says:

I think most of the views are from me. My favourite YouTube video ever at the moment! Pmsl.

CrazyLikeA... says:

What an adorable kitty! He must have a good temper to put up with this lol.

Jay Gatsby says:

the cats all like KILL ME !!!

Vicky Somma says:

This is great.  I love how the cat is purring at the end!

Aennie xo says:

Best cat video ever lol

melissa says:

omg is that a dead cat??:S:S:S

A Bird says:

That cat looks rather confused.

rallycatx says:

What song is that?

Aztec says:

You can hear the cat purring at the end!!!

JT Nielsen says:

LMAO. Great video! 🙂

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