“Jerk” Cats Stealing Dog Beds

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Posted on http://bestfriendservices.com blog page on 10/13/2013. Cats love cozying up in small spaces. Cats can also be furry little jerks. So, it’s safe to assume that when a cat decides to sleep in the (much larger) bed of a dog sibling, it’s done purely to screw with the dog.

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Eric Plourde says:

cats can be assholes but I love both lol

Kathrine Scott says:

Love This!!

Erica A. Zwick says:

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." – Robert A. Heinlein

alyssa says:

I love the second half of the video. The cats deserve it.

Cotton Candy says:

Dogs and cats are so adorable but my sister is allergic to cats :

Viral Clown says:

http://m.me/Jerkcats join us on Facebook!!!

The House of Jokes says:

Great job on a well put together youtube video. You have done a bang up effort here.

Abbey Roberts says:

hahaha so funny

umar beigh says:

you can tell cats are doing it on purpose. just annoying the hell of out of these poor souls. cats are mean lovable creatures.

fluxmuldar says:

This is how nice dogs are. They could easily overpower a cat but they won't.

MD Shamim says:

2:52 cat was smiling when the dog licked her

Mr. Wong says:

There some intelligence stuff going on here. The dogs trying very hard to take these spots. lol

Mr. Wong says:

The frustration of these dogs is priceless.

jinrex015 says:

How about Cats stealing human bodies?

veryslyfox says:

How about a video about cats stealing human beds.

Kiara Martínez says:

just by a cat the cat bed! cats are jerks

robert flores says:

go LIE down

mytalk1071 says:

We’re a radio station out of Minneapolis/St. Paul and your video was nominated for the Cat Video Festival 2016. We would love to use your video in our cat video slideshow.  A portion of the proceeds from the Festival will benefit  local Animal Rescue Wags & Whiskers.

claudia says:

Ending is so cute aw

Marysia xdd says:

haha jakie to słodkie

Princess Consuela says:

Haha the cats are like, thanks for the ride stupid!

juliayu0311 says:

the cat are like “Now I own this piece of shit so what are you going to do now barkly."

Don Haka says:

Love the looks of some of those cats "Yeah i got you bed now Barky, so what r you gonna do about it?"


These litles fuckers…ja ja ja

mrscaz says:

Cats are A$$holes.

rania hussain says:

I even love cats more when they become mean 😍

Nitin says:

loved it so much. it brought a nice smile on my face. thank you for the compilation.

Debra Bootie says:

Cats at mean

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