Keyboard Cat Redux


InfiniteSkyBlocker Terraria-Steam and more! says:

for everybody saying its A man in a costume, it's not
It's actually a REAL actual cat Look at the eyes and all…

carcar reacts says:

keep it up!!!!

carcar reacts says:

I like this I subscribed this was awesome

Catty The Cat says:

laughing hahahahahahahahahahahaha R.I.P

Bender “Bending” Rodriguez says:

im having a hard time believing this video exists

nicklor51 says:

hahahahahhaha his hands are bread stick

Villemar says:

Between Office Space and this video, I predict that in a hundred years Ron Livingston will be revered as a Deity and a religion will spring around His wisdom.

Nate The Greatness says:

uhh.. Captain Nixon..

Zamir A. Hernandez says:

I think Ron can blame the witch, at the end he'll say: "look what she made me do!"

ShiftyTheFox v_Shifty_v says:

i saw it first why does no one see the face?!

Danishbushcrafter says:

Nix! That you? 

Liam Betthauser says:

he looks coked out of his mind.

JuneMarie Liddy says:

loe it thanks

gruu says:

Its so…..perfect

TropicGamerMC-Reborn says:

Who is here from Dorkly :D

OnlyCaleb says:

Whoever did this video should do something better with their life, like be an actor or something…Now Ron Livingston (star of Office Space) is just one example of someone who doesn't waste time on stupid crap like cat piano videos…whoever this loser in the video is, he should be more like Ron Livingston

Milhouse Van Houten says:

This is my favorite video in the entire internet

Aviran Vargas says:

Finally! A video I can get 100% behind.

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