Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

In this funny animal video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of kids interacting with their favorite animals at the zoo.


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Kynia Sharpe says:

3:40 tho

Icy ice cream fun says:

the lions want to eat them

Carlos JustCarlosBro says:

Tigers and lions apparently really want to eat baby humans 😨

Fhhffccbhjyf Ffbjhddff says:


Gloria Montoya says:

Why do these parents not see that these highly dangerous animals want to eat their children? The animals are not playing with them, they desire to have them for their next hot meal. This not funny.

Prashant Pokhrel says:

poor creatures.

Talking Animals! says:

Hate when siblings ruin the moments

Autumn Groenhof says:

i love animals! thank u!😆

Luuna Wolf says:

horrible parents

ProfessorEG says:


Karli Daly says:

Kids are like " I'm having a bonding moment with this animal!" Lion be like "I just really wanna eat you"

Eun Lee says:

Zoos are prisons for animals. Man is so cruel. Always seeks money and fun.

WishANiggaWoods says:

Wtf every video is over a mil tf

Morph Ball says:

3:18 ultimate photobomb

Autumn Fox says:

The kid with the apple and the otter was really mean, he was torturing the poor otter. That kid should be told more firmly not to do that.

Arfor Afro says:

Its is so entertaining to watch this perfectly cared for animals suffering unspeakable agony, to feel the thrill of hunting small delicious children only to be stopped by the glass, unable to kill and maim, this is truly the most delectable torture and I am glad zoos exist to torture animals everyday, bending them to our will for simple entertainment, such is the joy of the top predator of this world, to toy with the inferior.

nicole yañez says:

los animales no deberían ser tratados como juguetes. Ellos tienen derecho a vivir su vida libremente!!!

KidsGamesProjects KidsGamesProjects says:

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Makenna Suhrbier says:

Imagine the glass broke!? But don't worry it would be fine because the animals are just "playing"…

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