Kitten Jam – Heavy Metal Version Video (funny cats/kittens dancing and moshing) (official)

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Two cute and funny foster kittens dancing, moshing and attempting to head bang! Cats do have talent!

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And check out the bloopers right here –
Two cute and funny kittens dancing w/ music! Here are bloopers from filming a video of our foster cats head banging to heavy metal.

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Check out the end result –

Tulip and Daisy were recently adopted together by a couple from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia. Please check out their website at!

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Arianna Sosa says:

You have some of the cutest kittens

Dexter Daran says:

Try Master of Puppet's by Metallica… on the "obey your master" part.

Evan Homan says:

Sounds Like Wretched..
Confirm song title/artist please!

mclovinsilversurfer says:

The other one was much funnier but I will like anyway bc those cats are awesome

Scott Whitney says:

cool kittens 🙂 

Jenna Hykes says:

How cute!!!!!

Leopardspots says:

a mix of hilarious and funny

Frida Vargas (E.T PANDA) says:


Major Tambuddha says:

pls i rly need the song name!

Jennifer Stroud says:

Maybe it should be called head banging, not moshing. Still adorable though!

Stonewall380 Entertainment says:

Oh sure! The one with good music is only 26 second, but the other one is 1 minutes and 22 seconds long or something, WITH AWFUL MUSIC! Still cute though. lol

Ben Clark says:

Too short :)

Nicholas Ryan says:

What song is this?

Holly Lagasse says:

Glad to see they have a well-rounded library of musical choices!

Jonathan Vandagriff says:

Maybe he is just holding a toy in the air and they are following it with their head and then music is just dubbed over? If they are actually head bobbing which I doubt then that is awesome.

Monet Mathieu says:

Make them headbang on amon amarth! :D

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