Kitten Massage Therapy


Lillie Griffith says:

both of those look like my cat why

The Adventures of Mojo and Scout says:

I thought all cats and did this kind of thing because our previous cats did, but only one of our new kittens does.

jonbecker03 says:

so cute….

Rantsaw says:

This is exactly why cats are better than dogs. Free massages.

muleheadedman says:

This is not unusual. The massage excite the milk flow from the mothercat. Actually the kitten leaved her mothercat too early. Actually it is not awesome it is sad.

jayceen fouillard says:

awe cute

Tonatiuh Xochicale says:

hello there, can i use this video for a cute animal compilation ?

Robert Baur says:

a video called "cat massge" brought me here.. but remember its only a matter of time before cat goes from asking for cat massage to demanding cat massage

Yuki Nagato says:


Atzin Anguiano says:

Omg that is sssssoooooo cute

Go Away Trollz says:


luke btoom says:


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