Kittens running on cat exercise wheel part 1


LMTR14 says:

FINE so apparently some cats really like those wheels I GET IT ALREADY

jonnine says:

Is it not great to see people thinking? ^–^

Bo Huggabee says:

needs carpet. so that when they get it going fast, they will instinctually claw out and grab on, well otherwise they will fly out. and could hurt themselves. so for them to get this really moving fast. try carpet cause i want to see one flying in a circle after going to fast. i'd like to see one get it spinning fast, then he does a 180 and spins around then rides it in circles.

Greta Davis says:

this really makes me happy, seeing them happy. I have a cat named Lucy she was abused and left outside her whole
life but now she's with me and let me tell u she's spoiled rotten! but what I'm saying is u NEED to adopt from a shelter it's so sad that people don't want animals.. but this just made my day 🙂 xo

Harry Balzak says:

Can I work here?

Alina C. says:

679 to 879 dollars. That's way to much

peachees says:

Can we go there and watch them plays?

Jason Knittle says:

Clocks by coldplay 3

lurchpop says:

you should print photos of rats and mice and paste them to the inside of the wheel so the kittens try to chase htem.

MaisonDeBritts says:

Who owns Spike now? You Andreas? He's gorgeous. If this place was local and he was there I'd be in the car and there before the video finished playing!!!

Bacon King says:


Lori Spini says:

Spike is so cute rolling around on it X3

Aunty Googol says:

They seem to be wondering how it works and they are sure they will conquer it. Some got a fright, others went… oo, I can get places on this…I wonder where I am going?

rwdplz1 says:

Spike and Jett – I see what you did there

Maddie Walsh says:

i need a cat after watching this!!! like if you agree! 🙂

President Willem says:

music muted.. Play

MrTooterr says:

such a fun and adorable idea… it's cute seeing them discover how to work it 😀

kltkray says:

We got our kitties Duncan and Truman at IACC 11/4/01 — best thing ever!

Imagineth says:

@W1LDWESLEY I was juuuust about to say say that, but for more along the lines of powering a cell phone.

Kendra Lattin says:

I like Jett

kiyoshiNeko97 says:


Kendra Lattin says:

If you take the c out of Calvin it's ALVIN!!!!!

Kendra Lattin says:

I like Spike!

sam britton says:

hey dude check out this wheel aww sweet man

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