Life is more fun with cats – Cute Friendship between Owners and Cat will make us melting heart

Life is more fun with cats – Cute Friendship between Owners and Cat will make us melting heart
1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation
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FallenAngels Servant says:

Cuteness overload 😻

Luke R says:

Life certainly is more fun with cats 🙂 or any animal for that matter. Animals are awesome. They are all my friends.

Héloïse Beaudoin says:

I lost my cat this weekend.. he was soooo sick we had to put him to sleep. And I miss him so much, I feel so sad…! So please you guys just enjoy time with your cats and love them okay ? ✨❤️ they’re so precious. 🙂

Lily Bug says:

I recently got a kitten (Name is Yugi) and he's the most affectionate and loving kitten I've ever met!

Nostalgic Alien says:

Not all cats are bad just like not all dogs are bad.

[DT] Jenny says:

My Cat is touch me when she is not getting petted xD

Granny Hunter says:

Fun thing! I saw a poor kitten… And I tooked her to my home to make her clean and give something to eat! After 2 weeks legit 9 cats came to my house in front of my doors?!

Sierra Long says:

My cat just likes to curl up on my lap for a nap…

Kashish paliwal says:

I miss my lovelies😽😽😽

Ballpinner Ballpen FidgetSpinner says:

i love cats.~

Twaddle The Spix Macaw says:

This is why my cat is the best cat

Nadia Pandolfi says:

nada mas y nada menos que super super suuuuper tiernooooos

hakume 67 says:

C'est trop kawaiiiiiii!!!!!😻😻😻😻

Shadow Charizard says:

Cats are the best they light up the mood with their adorable actions😍😍

aniek vd m says:

why can't my cat do this stuff?

oh yeah i have a dog

The Imposter says:

Cute friendship between owners and cat will make us melting grammar

Lucario774 Pika says:

Why was this streamed?

Rebekah Andris says:

Me wondering why there's almost all Asian people in the video lol

Cat Certifi says:

2:54 Me:*Having a mental breakdown*

Pastel Ukulele says:

Aaaa I miss my cat so much 😭😭

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