Lion opens car door

Did you know lions could open car doors? My sisters were visiting our parents, while serving a mission in South Africa, and had an experience of a lifetime.


Tring Tring says:

The lion king 4

CrystalVeemo Woomy says:

I would open the door, because lions are big cats. And I want to keep them as a pet because they are cats.

crippling depression says:

my soul would’ve left my body

JustBeingPro says:

You should lock your Car door during on Zoo, because its dangerous if the Lion opening the door

I have to wait 90 days to change my name says:

Cars: Exist
Lions: Its Free real estate

jack fernandez says:

How mean and sad that you guys could shoot and kill even the lions for saving those stupids sitting in the car. We'll never do such kind of cruel thing in India just to rescue some pillocks who don't even know that the doors must be closed surely when they're so near to them. FUCKING SURELY YOU WILL AS YOU DID TO HARAMBE. MORONS!!

Nurhasya Hanani Hasrizan says:

I wonder if the lion open the door how they close the car door back without get bitten?

Slb Mendes says:

That is a very strange cat

Tod The Fox says:

Animals are a lot smarter than humans think.

flutt3rby3 _ says:

Idiots, why didn't they lock the doors?

Johan Yeong says:

Idiocy at its finest👍

Pixel Bro says:

This is not a Lion…
This is shrek

The CoolCat Family says:

Lion: What is this metal box? Also WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS INSIDE?!

venya kachelya says:

They learnt how to open food cans,lol

Deal With It says:

You hope so? Girl, it's either it's locked or she eats you for lunch.

Briar Mason says:


Dayana & Caty Vlogs & Gameplays says:

You stole this video!

A guy with no name says:

The car got suddenly filled with bricks.

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