Little Gray Cat vs Black Bear New Hampshire

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Make sure you watch the whole video. New Hampshire Black bear trying to get at bird feeder gets surprise when it invades Little Gray’s space.


huso mösensen says:

dont ever mess with the boss!

Swankster says:

cute, but I wish the video could have followed them longer.

Samual Whittemore says:

My dogs would make fajitas out of that cat. and invite the owner for over for margaritas! …..Laughing the whole time. 🙂

knickknack07 says:

Would have been better without he annoying super slow motion. IT is not something that needed, or was enhanced by, slow motion.

xyhmo says:

It's crazy how well bears climb at their size.

Dave Saenz says:

Some cats are mean. lol.

Kenneth Welch says:

haha beware of the cat

The Butler Did It says:

Cat bragging "You call that a mouse? You should have seen the size of the one that got away from me"

viperdemonz jenkins says:

cat was come here so I can skin you I need a new bed.

Sound of Jesus says:

indoor cats cant do a thing when animals enter their territory

Sound of Jesus says:

the ultimate predator : the housecat

Vincent Wroblewski says:

c'est mon chat

Stan Unseld says:

cat be like… "Nigga step off my block"

gardenvarietypenis says:

You forgot the RIP under Gary's profile pic at the end.

Discrimination is not a right. says:

Can you imagine something with this attitude the size of a tiger?

espadaN02 says:

cats kick arsenal

g bridgman says:

Amazing! Our kitties would never do this. They're afraid of bears.

DoinThupidThings says:

Cats don't make sense? That's why we love them!

nicolas rouvreau says:

beware of the cat

Pat McCann says:

Great time to cut away from the action.

shadyade75 says:

Cats are crazy little bastards. I love em 🙂

Les Brown says:

Bitch, you gotta be kiddin` me.
This is MY house.

nexus169 says:

I hope people can understand this is something about half of the cats I've known in my life will do, that iS, attack anything in it's own yard, no matter the size.
Most critters just run, and if the cat had really caught the bear, before it got eaten, it would taken an eye at LEAST off the bear.

goldsilverandiamonds says:

This just proves how stupid cats are.

ilovecanines says:

LOL – guard cat!

David Harrell says:

Should've kept shooting — I wanted to see the cat destroy the bear

Sein Maestro says:


acg smith says:

Funny to me how cats can be so scared sometimes an so courageous at other times.

Undead Spacewalker says:

As I said in a similar vid, that bear is practically a cub

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