Lizard Greets Man like a Dog!

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My hands are dirty because I couldn’t wash them at work due to the finger time clock that wouldn’t let me off work if I washed my hands! Buddy greets me just like a dog!! Since so many people dont believe how tame Buddy is,I suggest you watch ” The Master of Reptiles” on this channel to see how tame and trained Buddy is. Remember ” The Master Of Reptiles”


Urethra Grundle says:

Mind blown!

thomas sottile says:

Thats an obese iguana

mjmakinggainz gainz says:

Pellet gun to the head

fAppIicationof SeIf says:

Jesus Shrek, have a shower (yes I read description, just kidding).

80 Slim Shady's says:

Ummm your cat is broken

DstrokeTV says:

Why are do your fingers look like you've been digging in the chimney?

Tristan Kubas says:

what kind of lizard is that? i loveeeeee lizards i have a beardie and want a big huge lizard like that

Kermit In Supreme says:

This one fucked up dog, wth you feed this nigga

Cleto says:

What breed dog is this?

Raoul Duke says:

well thats one hell of a pet to pet

gingersleep says:

Dude. Your hands. You're turning into a lizard.

freakishlyfeline says:


Ryoka1 says:

He's a ballchinian

Josh Thomas says:

Welcome to Jurassic World

Dario Reyea says:

Little did you know… Say goodby was actually the last words leading up to Mr.LizardDog's death.. he was murdered soon after the camera turned off.

aguy654 says:

You got a cute pupper.

2listening1 says:

Oh, he was SOUND asleep in the sun before, haha!

Dina Medina says:

Awww hell nah! I would have ran for the hills. I am deathly terrified of reptiles.

Xilivian4560 says:

Isn't he technically an iguana…? Doesn't really look like any lizard i've ever seen.

Harry Manback says:

Glad you're home? No, he's pissed that he's a prisoner.

Tyler Sproull says:

Thats a definition of a good boy right there

Aziz Khan Nazari says:

Man its scary but i love animals really too much, love can melt even a rock let alone a living things.

AlyssaQ420 says:

What type of lizard is that? Looks like a giant iguana. Reptiles are so fascinating to me.

Michael Camacho says:

When you cant afford a dog so a dragon will have to do xD

Sweet toto says:

Little dinosaur

Brandt Kopec says:

Why is he smacking it

Johnny Smart says:

Is this JoeysWorldTour?

TheeOmnipresent Itsgeorge707 says:

Why do you let him so ruff?? I detest when humans do that to other animals

Deanna Brownlee says:

Wow, he's massive! What a big, handsome boy! I want to pet him! <3

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