Lovely Owl

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Last Whisperer says:

so adorbs <3

Erica Watkins says:

Owls don't like being petted or stroked. His closed eyes are not the same as cats or dogs or humans when they are being petted. His hunched over posture means he's uncomfortable. Also, dirty oily people hands can cause their feathers to fall out and they go bald.

Anthony Steele says:

He doesn't like it

Alper Akbozkara says:

Sound -pls.?

June says:

올빼미.. 매혹적이야…

bill smith says:

mmm owl make good dinner

valeriy sharov says:

просто обалденно

Chris Mni says:

29 April 2017 – over 17.400.000 views – keep on going 🙂

mrmaster9875 says:

There's a very distinct possibility that the owl doesn't feel anything, and that humans recognize certain times of owl movement as enjoyment.

Joshua Temple says:

it's videos like these make me wish that CA allowed to have Owls as pets.

김현재 says:

That baby owl reeeeeeally cute I love it 🙂

wjdfufdlwn says:


BoredPandaAnimals says:

Hey, we at Bored Panda ( an online arts and design magazine ) really love your video and would love to have it featured on our page. If you're interested in this feature opportunity, please email me at rokas (at) boredpanda (dot) com

anja horvat says:

WoW soo lovely , and nice

kit_ kat says:

this is whay to adorabal

Cannella says:


Perpetual Student says:

Anyone know the rules and regulations of owning an owl or if that is even possible? I am not finding any good sites.

nightcore 1999 says:


Mike Venturino says:

Aw so cute 😍

Lea Stollenwerk says:

Wer kommt von Kelly?

Cookie says:

aaaawwwww! <3

Adrianna Leon says:

what type of owl is that baby owl

Sunja says:

Those anyone coming from Ascalter?

Nobody? XD

Tyler Hartlauer says:

cutest thing ever

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