Mad cat steals her baby back!!

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Honeys baby’s are so cute she don’t even want me to show them them to you lol !!!


Zacharias wålander was bleach Wålander says:

"I told you i did not want any of my childrens content on the internet! Stupid school.."

Blobbert Mcblob says:

I do this whenever one of my cats has kittens. and I'm a guy. Newborns are just that precious.

Bo Lanson says:

you take the babies away ,causing stress to the kittens & mother, so what? you can get a couple pennies ad revenue for your upload..
sick sunamaBitch!

Anabel Sanchez says:

Take that lady faraway form the kittys

trainrover says:

Filmer's indeed the mad pussy.. .. . .

ellie M says:

My baby nom

BJae Corvinus says:

Love it….

Cutefoxygirl101 34 says:

I just want to go in the screen and scrape of her cheeks eyes nose and mouth.

sportsygirl8 says:

The mom cat didn't seem mad it just seemed she wanted that kitten with her.

jessica gonzalves says:

people always say spay or neuter your cat. how about you cut off your own ovary first?

arupian666 says:

She doesn't steal the kitten back. She TAKES him/her back. Big difference. Stealing something is taking what's not yours. They're HER kittens. She wants them to be somewhere safe. They're obviously very young still, and if I remember correctly, you have a dog wandering around ? She's protecting them. She's not mad. She's concerned.

EmmieAndOllie says:

It shouldn't be steal their rightfully hers

MilleniumGamer2006 - says:

I thought you meant that the cat stole the kitten's back a as in body part

lexi says:

When you hear Jerry Springer in the backround

Vegas Jay says:

This is Debbie the Pet Lady from the Howard Stern show.

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