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Willow our cat is being a nusance below LOL 🙂

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Jeremy Morton says:

Freakin noisy magpies, they sound like a toy machine gun going off.

georgie peorgie says:

That is a warning sound to indicate a cat is nearby.

Bewilderbeasts says:

For some reason magpie calls make my dog go mental! She barks whenever she hears one outside, and even when they use them as background noise on TV! It's really funny to play this and watch her barking at it :')

Jenny Pearson says:

Ugh so this is what wakes me up every morning…

profil4e says:

today i rescued a young megpie from some cats that were playing with him/her, it's not baddly hurt but it does have some wounds under the wings. i still don't know what to do with it, it's not a fully grown one, his/her tale is still short… it's about 30 CM in lenght. can anyone tell me something about megpies ?

BahamaBlue123 says:

Play this when a magpie is outside. It makes them go away.

Christina Lewis says:

I want to find a few magpie recordings and see if I can use it to befriend the magpies who live nearby? This warning call only causes them to fly away (makes sense). I would like to try and greet them somehow, they are very afraid of humans. (They have seen me with my cats, and the last generation saw me chase seagulls and probably figured I was dangerous)

Yamaan Alshamma says:

YES IT WORKS this vid attracts magpies

paul ralph says:

I have also been at war with them for a few years now.

paul ralph says:

Both of you are correct Corvids, Cats and farming are to blame but what people don't realise is the extent of the damage that Corvids and Cats do is unbelievable, they are constantly on the hunt for our small / song birds, where I live there are still plenty of hedge rows and woodland but that also allows an increase in the Corvids ie crows magpies jays and also the despicable grey squirrels have flourished, there are so many corvids in my area and a decrease in our song birds.

simbirdcom says:

Nature normally balances out without the help of humans i think

Magpie Eriksdottir says:

We had two beautiful Magpie's with their dome at our cabin, and someone out there shot them just because he despised them for raiding a chick out of a nest. so what happened to their chicks because of that? It's unfortunate that people think some species are more evil than others, but not themselves when they take life senselessly.

simbirdcom says:

I think the BTO will know best ? I think Nature balances itself out in the Wild… But I do think too many cats would be the worst for Birds…

JODIMAR45 says:

Unfortunately crows are doing the same as magpies devastating our wildlife especially ground nesting birds,ducks,pheasants,partridge,waders,plovers etc.I have even seen a crow swoop down and carry off a young brown hare.When it comes to breeding all corvids are the same,no honour amongst thieves.Crows,rooks,magpies,jackdaws are all members of the corvid family and kill and take each others eggs and young birds.

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