Maine Coon – the American Cat

or copy the link — Maine Coon – America’s native cat that has shared the history of America. I wanted to have another go at a MC video and came up with something softer than the first one. I actually prefer the softer stuff, just my style. The picture of ZAK is by me. ZAK is a fine boy, purebred Maine Coon cat. I love that cat.

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Evan M says:

I had two of these cats and by far my favorite cats I have ever owned

Suh Dude says:

@gdogg2000 /

John Lysdahl says:

My CJ ( a 4 yo MC) only likes to be held when I first come thru the door after work. After that he simply likes to hang out with me and too much attempted affection on my part will cause a gentle nip.

Andrea619 says:

To Me a Maine Coon is the MOST Loving breed…My Maine Coon LOVES to be held & Loved on…I don't think Your cat is sick…but she is not the Normal for a Maine coon…I saw a video on here Called… "Maine Coon Loving his boy"…type it in & watch it…that's how My cat is also

Duane Page Clapton says:

Your cat is normal, I have a 23 lb female, she also does not like to be held, loves to have her mouth and ears played with. She will bite to let you know she doesn't like what you are doing, never hard, just to get your attention.

L zio says:

I had a Maine Coon. He was a kitten when I got him. He was my best friend. He was my BABY!!!! He talked to me all the time and I MISS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. He was 18 yrs old and died in my lap of a heart attack. He died 12/27/2012. JETER I miss you. You were my best friend and I LUV you for ever!!!! Sorry but I loved him so much!!!! He talked to me everyday. He could even say "MAMA"….He liked to play in the snow and take with me……Maine Coone are the BEST!!!!!!

TheArtemisoflight says:

My cat doesn't like to be picked up, but she'll tolerate it for a minute or so. Some cats are very sensitive in some areas of their bodies, so being rubbed or petted there can be painful. Also, some cats (more often older, but not unheard of in younger felines) have arthritis, so being patted in that area can be uncomfortable. Sassy used to bite me, but she and I have worked long and hard on our relationship, and she and I are joined at the hip. Cats are hard won loyalists. So worth it!

April R says:

Bear was a big orange tabby Maine coin that was at the shelter I volunteered at. I wanted to take him home so badly. He liked to give hugs! He got adopted though, and I was happy for him but I missed his hugs!

wantsababy2006 says:

oh i forgot to put that she meant the world to me also

TheCatThatWasMan says:

@Audinos I agree with you. The features of the Maine Coon cats that made it well adapted for survival in the North East coast of this continent seem to most readily be traceable to nordic roots. The vikings were here far before Columbus got lost in the Caribbean, and well ahead of the founders of Plymouth. The intrepid cats that dodged the boots of viking sailors as they braved the freezing north atlantic are surely the ancestors of this noble breed.

zenwhiley says:

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I had the vet come to our house for our boy, heartbreaking but I held him to his last breath.

Jesse Brandecker says:

I might be rescuing a Maine coon soon! Can't wait!

caliaa says:

@tratra8888 She could be in pain. My old cat is arthritic and she hates to be carried. Why don´t you get her checked.

joel5160 says:

I had a female maine coon live to 18. They are a great breed. Not your typical annoying cat. They love people and are big and beautiful.

gdogg2000 says:


My cat is a diva as well but whenever she gets hungry or wants something trust me they will be all in your lap. Don't starve the cat but put food in its bowl less to the point where it is asking you for food. It will eventually have to approach you more. The more it approaches you the more comfortable it will be with you holding it etc. My cat will let anybody hold her now didn't always used to be that way.

Colin Sherritt says:

@SaucisseMerguez Oh, be quiet.

SaucisseMerguez says:

this isnt an american cat, it was originally brought from europe and breeded in america, but whatever, silly americans 😉

Myanleader says:

i love them

CornersFive says:

@ComicBookChick1 I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Maine Coon four years ago and I miss him and think of him every day. They are all so sweet, loving and beautiful. I am sure you gave Fred a beautiful life.

Pedro Martins says:


Really nice comment 🙂

cattycats4 says:

@tratra8888 nice name 🙂 my maine coon is not a lapcat either but they can warm to it sometimes, when they lash out smile and call them cheeky catty and then blink at them in a relaxed way to calm them and they will eventually become more gentle, my cat used to strike with claws but now he doesnt claw and its more a playful thing but indeed some cats dont enjoy being picked up this is completely normal

Joseph Archbold says:

@tratra8888 This is normal based on the breed of your cat. Maine Coone's are more individual prone.

yikes888 says:

I'm so sorry for your loss – I know what it's like to lose a beloved kitty. Please consider giving another cat (or two) a forever home with you. Don't worry about the same thing happening to your next cat – each experience is different. We all die eventually, but it is the life we are living now that is so worthwhile. I had a cat who blessed my life for 19 years!

yikes888 says:

Totally agree with broadsurf1. Cats are as individual as us, and by the way one of mine is the same way with the petting. She gets ALL upset if I touch her when she doesn't want it. We just have to learn their likes and dislikes, same as with humans. We are all connected…

yikes888 says:

Thank you for the kind words. Your Amber sounds beautiful – can you post a photo? I think it's pretty silly when people say that "if it doesn't have papers, then it's not an MC". There are plenty of Maine Coon cats that are not 'pedigreed'. The cat is the defining factor, in my opinion. My cats have ALL the characteristics of Maine Coon cats, and that works for me. Remember, these cats were wild for a long time and happily spread their DNA all over the US – lucky for us!!

yikes888 says:

Your new Spencer II sounds magnificent – can you post a photo?

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