Mama Cats Protecting Kittens – Cute Cat Videos (2018)

Loving mom cats hugging their kittens. Mama cats take such good care of their babies! Try not to smile or say aww!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Lena A. says:


John T. Wolfbanger says:

Good meomis

butterfly says:

All of them are cute..

永川千夏 says:


SzeSze Au says:


Abhishek B says:

How very sweet!!!

Morgan Younger says:

The first one was cute

Moly Appu says:

Nigalellam oru karyam sredhichattundo??manushyarekkalum paraspara sneham mrgagalkaanu

ONCEASUPERWHOLOCK 12345678910 says:

Did anyone else cry?

1God1Fury says:

5:02 "Honey, tell me a bed time story"

Mike Hunt says:

use a toothbrush on kittens. reminds them of mom.

Jackie Page says:

Beautiful video

Mike Becket says:

Ironic really pets seem to take so much better care of their babies than humans and their babies as a rule nowadays or so it seems but my observations …

Olwen Morgan says:

Cats: The best mothers in the known universe!

Markogi Chinchin says:

This video would have been good without this stupid music

Mlp Shine Star says:

very ni e video

Noelle Bonini says:

I am a cat lover

Plushy Vlog's says:

i love kittys;D

Muhammad Arif says:


Lizeth Diaz Cardona says:


coleb edwards says:

5:00 still her baby😍🐈

Orlando Camacho says:

What's Melody?

Hanım Dag says:

Much more than some human do 😘

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