Maru Greatest Hits V1

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TURN ON ANNOTATIONS! For the impatient and in humble homage to the wonderful and delightful Maru, some highlights of Maru’s antics.


TheGenera1 says:


Tryingto Recover says:

He's an amazing, awesome cat. You take such good care of him. You must love each other a lot, Hana as well.

Jhon Carter says:

lol this video is old but awesome 🙂

Suzanne Wintjen says:

Maru was my name in Spanish class….lol

周玉釧 says:


Heidi Standell says:

I recommend watching Maru whenever you are feeling stressed! Arigato Niko-chan Maru, you always make me smile 😀

Alina Fitzgerald says:

love the cat

周玉釧 says:


Apud1984 says:

Fantastic video-clip! visit my channel, I'm sure you will like it.

Joy Ann Inn says:

give up. you know you love him

elga ragazzo says:


scott l says:

1:07 picked up the spare.

Jennifer Beyer says:

this is a very silly cat.

Duangduang Artsomboon says:

มารุ น่ารักมากๆ คะ

Chris Nizer says:

Watching that little dude walk around with the bag over his head was hilarious! Not panicking, not even a little bit. Just calmly cruising around his house with a bag over his head…awesome!

Michael A. Robson says:

Jumping in and out of the box = magic

Angelo Cedeno says:

:02 that slow blink is Maru's way of saying "Hi" to the viewers.

Great Gig Sky says:

The best cat in the world!

Vetter Burns says:

OMG! I'm watching a 5 min CAT VIDEO!  lol

Linda Russell says:

This cat is like 20 times cuter than both of mine combined.

Roger Anderson says:

I often wonder if Maru knows he's internet famous.

Nefen Vannasap says:

imgur brought me here

Hans mulleur says:

maru LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS boxes did u notice

Hans mulleur says:

lol sooooooo cute

Liz Allcote says:

He is the MOST adorable cat ever, I just love him to bits bless him x

arlene0725 says:

Maru is always entertaining!

TheNachita123 says:

I love Maru.

Cassandra Williams says:

2:553:26. OMG tooooo adorable

FVNT0M IIX says:

Waw I can't believe Maru walks around with that paper bag around his head!! Whenever my cat got her head stuck in a little box or bag, she would freak out and push her head out right away.

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