MEAN KITTY – Cat Trapping

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WHO IS THE LITTLE GIRL?: She had Sparta when he was a kitten. She is my friend Steve’s daughter. Her and her brother are much better with animals now ; )

I volunteered to make this video because I believe it’ll make a difference.

-Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams


Arielle Moraes says:

my family here and a few neighbors do the same thing in our neighborhood to help the lost kittens!
It's cool because we find them a new home AND we avoid them to get killed or harmed from bad people that doesn't like them πŸ™‚

Jewel45615 says:

@sarahelena7 read the description

Olivia .A says:

It really gets on my nerves when people go to these high class places to adopt pets, as in full bred, when there are millions of dogs and cats, that are strays die because nobody cares about muts. πŸ™

Brittany Falandysz says:

@baldudakli86 there is a metal plate towards the back of the cage, when they step on it, it instantly closes the door. the food is put behind the plate so they step on it.

Mamma Laughing Wolf says:

Oh Cory, thank you.
My parents do this for the barn cats that keep showing up at their farm. They spay/neuter them make sure they have their shots and let them go to live their life in the two huge barns they have. My dad puts food out and blinkets when its cold.
Thank you πŸ™‚

Heather Robinson says:

@blizzardnut I agree. The ones that get euthenized are the older cats, because the younger, new kittens are more likely to be adopted.

bloodytears2006 says:

Yeah we got are males neutered are recent male kitten Phantom was neutered last week cause him and his sisters where last of litter from there mom and his aunt ayane had litter 3 months after her sister had Phantom and his sister's.I and my family found last month that two of Ayane's female kittens Lissa and Rosa are deaf and there brother Dimitri has normal hearing I don't have heart send them to pound cause are pound will put them down.Dimitri there looks like he may have home soon.

Sam Merriman says:

@Cynder651 aww poop kitteh. my kitties were also strays but their in a wonderful home now, in fact one of them is on my lap right now. "Say hello Pep Pep" "Mrow" my other kitty is at the vet for the night because this morning there was something wrong with her legs. they are doing x rays and blood tests but they think there is something wrong with her central nervous system. thats not good (goes and cries heart out) πŸ™

zeratul575 says:

baby sparta?
d'awwww so cute

thats a nice pic of sparta and the girl

senox13 says:

any one who kills a cat/dog deserves to get a knife in the back and be left to die in agony JUST LIKE THEY DO TO THE CATS!!! D=< (and slaves)

Kofi Alexandra Smyth says:

My cat Jinx was a stray,he was all black with yellow eyes,we adopted him and gave him a good home. πŸ™‚

But sadlt this year he died from leukemia.

Lucy Castillo says:

Dont wary im going to go to the website.After im going to go look for stray cats and put them in that cage.I thinks its a cage?

Hippo Hobo says:

theres was a bunch of cats where i used to live

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