Meanest Cat Ever – Aggressive Cat Attack

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Meanest Cat Ever – Aggressive Cat Attack

Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. Although cat aggression is sometimes taken less seriously than dog aggression—perhaps because cats are smaller and don’t pursue people to bite them—aggressive cats can be formidable.

They have five potential weapons (their teeth and all four clawed paws) compared to a dogs’ sole weapon of his or her mouth. Cats can bite and inflict severe lacerations, which are painful and can easily become infected.

They can also cause cat scratch fever, a usually benign but potentially serious infectious disease that causes flu-like symptoms. Fights between cats rarely result in fatalities, but they can lead to infections and result in considerable veterinary expenses for cat parents. Aggressive cats can be risky to have at home and can pose a real danger to family and visitors.

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A2Kaid says:

Lol 6:46 pussy fucking dog should be put down.

Jeanette Kleian says:

Baker Mayweather your a complete IDIOT FROM HELL. You say u smack the shit out of your cat? Well u deffinatly fit into the Animal Abuse section. Dont u know if you take in a cat, and lives with you it than becomes his house too. Qwit being a control freak, and being cruel to your cat. Sometimes wene a cat acts up usualy thers an underlying health condition. My cat used to bite me I took him to the vet and turns out that he was trying to tell me he feels sick and tests came out he had cancer. He dont bite no more, but I suggest you learn what your cat is trying too say to u. U arent listening & your being selfish your cat is living in a hell with you. I hope he bites your face & neck off if u continue abusing him.

_ Bob says:

Cats are glorious

Eduardo Silva says:

dou lhe um cacete que logo logo fica mansinho onde já se viu dar um lar para um animal e ele querer te morde zunhar tá boa viu

Eduardo Silva says:

amoooor se um gato faz isso pra mim cacete de 10 leva só

Jay Kaye says:

The cat at 8:41 would only act like this from being tormented.People who do this should locked up

Hannah Banana says:

Dogs will always be better than cats.

Adrian Janson says:

fucking clickbait

n4mel3ss says:

2:20 An angry Maine Coon! That's new.
What happened, was this cat always like this?

Kilian Arntsen says:

never mess whit an cat!!!

Sharon Bell says:

l would shoot that darn cat. lf l had a Rottweiler, l would sick it on that cat and tear it up to threads.

Jeanette Kleian says:

the grey cat in the begining? That mouth lookin toy u were taunting him with was just pissing him off. You are a VERY bad cat owner. QWIT PISSING YOUR CAT OFF IDIOT.

Hawk Girl says:

Their are cats who are territorial and then their are cats who get abused and or teased which makes them mean.
There is no such thing as a bad animal, just a bad owner.

Cher and Phil says:

I would so kick that Mainecoon off my stairs.

AlmightyAnima says:

I love, Have and even prefer cats.. but if I was walking my dog and a random ass cat attacked it like that I would punt that mother fucker across the street

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