Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Cute Cat in Costumes Santa Claus Compilation

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Cute Cat in Costumes Santa Claus Compilation
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sudha rayamajhi says:

cat doesn't like dress dont force them

Uma Som says:

Oh so cute😍 little Santa🎅 Merry Christmas🎄

Sergio Jimenez says:

So stupid thing

Sergio Jimenez says:

I don't like it

Linda Venne says:

This is not fun to watch, you restrict their movements and they can hurt themselves! 😬👎

Rê Velloso says:

This is not funny at all! They're visibly uncomfortable 😞

mine Turkmen says:

Yazık hayvanlara, işkence geliyor bana ,kurtulmak için hayvanlar bir şeyde yapamıyor .Çok komikmis gibi birde guluyorlar.

bepriceless says:

This should have been titles, "Torturing cats for someone's enjoyment."

Letizia D'Arco says:

Non c'è niente da ridere. Idioti

Hammer Dragon says:

But it’s funny 😄

Tom Stamos says:

If they cant walk or stand its not a good costume

Laura Gadille says:

So hacking on something hooman owns for dressing me in this awful thing lol

Laura Gadille says:

I wanted to dress up Fiesta but I got a dirty look lol

Beast mode says:

I just wanna say u all are evil for clothing these precious felines and laughing about it on camera…..sigh……f**cking humans😔😔😔😔😔😤

Rico Flores says:

No veo lo gracioso .lo que veo son. Gatitos sufriendo

Tiernan Griesel says:

This is animal cruelty, if my friends did this I would tell them to stop. If they didn't, I'd press charges or sue.

Анна Гринберг says:

Бедные животные.😥

Sarah holland says:

A sparkly collar is fine, but that's scary for a cat. Wouldn't do that to my tabby baby.

Kevin Melaugh says:

This is animal cruelty /torture

Katharine Kotek says:

Idioten! !!!

Katharine Kotek says:


ROBOKO 66 says:

animal cruelty

Amalia Castro says:

Poor cats, they really don’t like it

Rhydian Jones says:

Stupid Fake Christmas is.
This is Crule too the poor Cats.
They are Cute Cats.
But this is F*ckin Stupid !.
All of them F*ckin Hate it !!!.
Everyone who does this, Should Never have Pets Again.
I Want too Smack, Hit, Kick Punch or ever Kill everyone who Lol at this !!!!!.

Maria De Los Angeles Acosta Mendez says:


Nieves del Sur says:

Atentado contra la dignidad animal buscando la diversión a su costa….no son juguetes…el grado de estupidez humana no tiene límite?

Елена Петрова says:

Единственото същество което смята страданието за забавно е човека. Няма нищо смешно и забавно да измъчваш живо същество. Видимо е че на котките им е безкрайно неприятно и ги тормозят по този начин. По-жестоко същество от човека не съществува😠😠😠

Christine Suter says:

Pauvres CHATS ! 😿🙀

Dominga Escobar says:

Pobrecitos gatitos 🐱 perritos 🐶 a ellos no les gustan los trajes nada de ropa pobrecitos como son humillados y por eso le daré mano abajo 👇 por abusivos no les importa que se golpeen jente perversas hijos de satan

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