Metal Cat

My cat can sing Jeff Scott Soto, Danzig, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Marq Torien (Bulletboys), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), and the vocal God himself, Ronnie James Dio.


yt white says:

You should have made his head spin all the way around…….Excellent job!

Peti Péter says:

I want that cat

Paweł Baścik says:

What is the name of first song,someone?

Benjamin Vendé says:

Mouahahah 😂

Rita Difranco says:

Ahahahahah 😊 (rd) io amo metalcat

Mary Dark says:

Great music!!!!

Science Vids says:

Lmfao, that head turn was puuurfect.

Marco Terni says:

That friggin head tilt puts a smile on my face no matter how depressed I feel lol

susanne williamsson says:

Adorable cat, just as my cat, and he REALLY loves metal !!!

MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs says:

😂😁 He's got such a voice, eh!?

Allow me to humbly introduce you to my work! 😊 I do pet 🐱🐶 themed versions of famous songs! 🎶 Even if I ruin the music, the damage is compensated by their cuteness! 😍 If you're interested, you'll be very welcome to my channel! 😁 Cheers! 🍺

Daniel Neal says:

That is too awesome. Encore? Hell yes! Now Zeppelin and Judas Priest would be excellent.

Seu Kuke says:

A pior montagem

Sapo Cago says:

Metaleiro me trouxe aqui

Pinky Swear says:

This is an awesome video!!

CaptainWilliam says:

Umm… This video uses lip syncing. The comments seem to either be filled with sarcastic people or stupid people.

Gabriela Gubić says:

I love iron maiden…like if you listen iron maiden or
love metal music

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