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sorry, normally I would just put stupid cat videos on my twitpic but for some reason it wasn’t working??? I have an actual relevant video of her (where she helps us play la-mulana) though.

Oh, I’m working on a collection of Osamu Tezuka cards. That’s Tonanshinpei (one of the Z-listers in the Star System, but very cute!), and under him is a painting of Sharaku I did.


lunasystem says:

@leafbarrett He has two kitties, and so does my family. This is one of my two good babies

Leafia Barrett says:

Is this one of the kitties that DC often refers to in his videos?

pigfish99 says:

so cute. ^_^;

lunasystem says:

@andophiroxia You're correct! Her mother's a bengal.

Kimeri Minami says:

Is Mewcette a Bengal, or at least part. Sometimes she kinda looks like one.

SpyHotz404 says:

Hmm, she looks like my cat Diva…

Gothii_Imperator says:

@Skeletom10 LIke Duke Nukem Forever being released? Oh wait it already has!

Skeletom10 says:

@mariosonicfan2010 And plus, now it's a metaphor, not unlike "when Hell freezes over."

mariosonicfan2010 says:

@Skeletom10 oh.

Skeletom10 says:

@mariosonicfan2010 Not if humanity has already come to an end, because then we'd all be dead and couldn't play it.

mariosonicfan2010 says:

@Skeletom10 half life episode 3 is a good thing!

MyO the HedgeFox says:

(imagine a standard geek with glasses and sweater drooling)

Skeletom10 says:

@arcnova Nah, DC is our anonymous overlord. Seeing his face would make civilizations crumble, humanity come to an end, and Half Life: Episode 3 being made.

Keilore says:

how can you be very soft and bad at the same time?

Manonthe3up says:

You have the same kind of cat I do!
Does it attack your eraser whenever you are drawing?

Cashmere Shahtush says:

You have nice hands. Also a nice cat.

Owlman says:

Cute cats? On this youtube channel?
I approve :3

armegeddis says:

Silly Mewcette, she thinks she's an artist, but doesn't realize that as a cat she does not have the thumbs to draw. =^w^=

Alansine says:

Egyptian maus are adorable. 😀

chaoslordmissingno says:

I know now that madamluna has a disembodied hand.

Selectedmarksman says:

aww… what a cute kitteh =^.^'=

123123s3 says:


Marx LaCroix says:

My cat loves it when I'm writing with mechanical pencils.. Dunno why. She's like "OH MAH GAWD PLASTIC THINGY! I MUST HAVES EET!" And she attacks my pencil. Shortly after, she walks to the middle of the room and flops over into her regular sleeping position. xD

ConcealRise says:

Cat on the table
Art supplies strewn everywhere
A messy kitty!

Jigglysaint says:

That's what I would call an "awww-tist"!

Hey, it sounded cute in my head. Give me a break!

FMagl says:

Your cat is adorable!

TheEggrollGuy says:


High five!

SlackerKite says:

You're a kitty!

omnidragon42 says:

You're so lucky to have such a beautiful cat 🙂

arcnova says:

@Skeletom10 agreed luna is a quite the beauty, but now i need to know about our lord and masterDC

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