Michel Gondry – Rescue Me – Science of Sleep – Linda Serbu


dominsu says:

she sounds like she legitimately adores cats…i'm kind of jealous i don't have a job i'd love that much

joe blow says:

Aww. I love kitties. =^.^=
I wanna save them.

Linda Serbu says:

may be so.

Linda Serbu says:



Linda Serbu says:


That's funny.

retro1980 says:

cats are ace

Natalie Klemond says:

I am still laughing. god, this is f*cking hilarious. It's addictive….like crack :D

Manny Mendoza says:

God Bless you Linda………..these are lucky kitties

Kerry Burnout says:

The music (and part of the clip) is from Science of Sleep, hence the title and yes Rescue Me is a reworking of After Hours.

EIRINI V says:

how many times did she say kittys??? and also, ADDICTIVE LIKE CRACK?!?!?!? anyway, well done for her job…

Emily Borhi says:

I saw Toyko! lasyt week and it was pretty good. Michel Gondry's story was my favorite, so cute! i know the one director did The Host, but the third one i don't know of

Dinah Steward says:

Great message!


i want the one with the 6 toes!!!

Jonathane Natividad says:

aDDictive like CRACk???

mcarino98 says:

that was hilarious! a lot of meaning on what she was saying! lol!

Cory Poppins says:

like crack?

Quentin Colin says:

"it's addictive like crac" lol

MacGarnagal says:

the person singing on the original song was the drummer, Mo Taylor (i think that's her name) not nico. and yes she is pretty and its really funny how much she uses the word kitties.

mrjoefish says:

check out the original – it's a velvet underground thang. they did with nico. who can't sing for shi… … for crack. but it's still an addictive tune.

alexdaftpunk91 says:

that woman singing is funny!

Matthew Moor says:

all the better for catching mices with …

Zhaid Al Fayad says:

She´s beautiful but crazy. The song is addictive.

Andre Chesini Okimoto says:

do you like crack?

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