Momma cat talking to Their beautiful Meowing kittens – Cute Family Cats Compilation

Momma cat talking to Their beautiful Meowing kittens – Cute Family Cats Compilation
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Silvia Lopes says:


bestamerica says:

aww baby kittens are so cute tiny cats

You Already says:

Love this, I had a cat who gave birth to 5 kittens, it was amazing watching them grow the mother cat so vocal..

Qing Lu says:


Paddy Mc says:

I hate seeing juvenile cats still suckling on their mother. it hurts the mother as their teeth graze the nipples and they suck much harder and with more intensity than when they were kittens. I think it's negligent of the owners to allow that to occur.

Catherine Amboh says:

They are so ccuuuuuute XD😻😻

Shafeek Seppi says:

411 mouse dislikes😎😎😎

Ken - Kunal K - Kansas says:

For those who don't know, cats have this reversed thorn-like brissels on their tongue muscles which is even bigger stronger n massive in bigger cats 🦁 🐯 – hence the maximum activity one will ever find them doing is licking oneself or another.. Not only it works as an antiseptic (to an extent!), they're the finest in 'cleanliness' business – so to speak! 😁

Abdullah Mir says:

Great video i loves cats and his babies love u so mach

-RD- Salind says:

If you don't like cats please ignore. Don't hit the dislike button because the feeling is mutual!

Abu khan Solves says:

Exam tomorrow , i watching thiz

Оля К says:

Усатые, хвостатые милашки!

alle says:

their meow give me life

Gamer Girls says:

very beautiful

Nagendra Mishra says:

I have pet tree
It give me oxygen

vanaja dhanapal says:

Watching and hearing meows of kittens always melts my heart

Nicoletta Bonauguri says:


winston moore says:

I miss Bluebelle

dennis lynn says:

Cuteness overload.

Izabela Dąbrowska says:


jaime delgado says:

I need help.
Im obsessed with cats.

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