MOST Vicious DOG Attacks On CATS and KITTENS


avetis stepanian says:

And cats kill birds. There u have it.

uzair ahmad khan says:

stupid people first thing you must do is to tie the dogs feet all four together. so it stop pulling the victim with his teeth. once the dog is feels dominated it will let go easy. poor cat

CrazymanDerpTv says:


Antonio Padri says:

I would slit any dogs throat if it was my cat or if I see it happening sorry but I love cats

Eve J says:

Maybe the dog is hungry?! Who knows? Give it some Kfc or smtg? Maybe it will stop.

David Ramirez says:

The best way to break up a dog fight is to pour water on the dogs face.

Jennifer Williams says:

Stupidity omg 🐶➕😺 equals 😵

ExaltedHD Gaming says:

squish the dogs ball so they can stop what there doing to those cats

lynchinjesus says:

Why i love cats and hate dogs

Dominic Lopez says:

Do you have any more videos like this!? Awesome video 👍👍👍

Julio Delatorre says:

I would open those dogs necks from one end to another idc if owner watching

Alexandru Petrescu says:

I know dogs hate cats but my question is why?

D3V1L M0NK3Y08 says:

Stick your finger in the dog's asshole, that'll weird it the fuck out and release

Zip A says:

I'd onestley put down a dog if it almost killed my cat and how hard is it to just train your dog or at least look after them like the 1 close to the end the guy is chasing his dog doing nothing while his dang cats actually dead or dieing and the guy is walking and doing nothing like they should not have a dog if they don't know how to handle one

queencreeperYT plays_____ says:

I hate cats ._.

FA - JD says:

Guys,remember dogs is more power than cat… we can use dogs to hunt animal in jungle, dogs are good hunter, that why dogs are more useful for to survive in any situation… even cop use dogs to fight crime. Dogs can kill cats, but cats can't kill dogs, cats just can survive by running or hurt the dogs… next time if u see dogs attack cats like this, u better save the cat first…

always remember, dogs are superior than cats.

for who that feel bad for the dogs in this video, u are retarded for sure.

Blueberry Bubblegum says:

fuck this video i love cats this made me cry im in tears cats are my favorite animal to see a cat treated so poorly would make me dso sad. your dog should be more like mine mine is a rat terrier who lves cats and when i say love i mean love are dog is so nice where able to have 2 cats without a stupid dog attacking a cat. videos like this should be deleted. im still in tears from watching this i need to see my cat cassie.

onekid onebow says:

I love dogs have my own but fucking train your dog and hit it if its attacking something

Coby Playz says:

I love all animals but I love dog but still people should train their animals better

Akif Irmak says:

Fuck everybody

Germel Ferriol says:

It's very easy to separate Dog and Cat to each other. Use water only.

Catzel says:

I am against animal abuse, but kill all those fucking dogs!!!

The A-man says:

This makes me cry.

uncleRory says:

This is fucked up.

intoxicating love says:

You fucking put your fingers under the dogs jaw and push up its not that fucking hard and or doesn't take a genius to know that

fun girl :3 says:

This sis why I hate dogs


Choke the dog to make it release. Get behind and sit on dog riding position pressing on its shoulder to pin and avoid bites or scratches then choke it's air supply. Works, I've done many times. Strikes rarely work unless fatal.

Louie Rigolfi says:

cats are filthy mean animals and should be killed

Nick Grocott says:

Most ppl don't know how call the dog off because they are fucking muppets but worst case finger up its arse (bitch) twist its bollocks (male) simples really this stick in its mouth shit just pisses the dog off along with trying kick it

Edgar Arce says:

Creo que si eso le pasara a mi gato, le cortaria la garganta al pinche perro que le hiciera daño.

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