Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch 🐭 Cat TV


柴犬とエキゾ猫 ぺちゃタワch shiba inu_exotic short hair cat says:


Radical Fox says:

My cat started fighting my iPad

XL WitherMoon_xox - Zeldourious says:

my cat went crazy about the first part she legit went on my laptop's keyboard XD

Erin Sparkle says:

Lol my cat started biting my iPad and scratching it lmao

Turby MinecraftTurby says:

It was great but my cat was trying to get it but it scattered my device but my cat love it

Karen Lynne says:

They all love it! Thanks! 🐈🐈🐈🐈

Philip Babb says:

It really works.

holdsite says:

Thanks Paul. My cat adored this and all your other videos 😼🐦

Priscilla Cadena says:

i put this on for my cat and he thought it was real

myuniquedollcrafts says:

Oops I showed this to my cat she loved it but now she's staring at my pet mice all the time

Laura Whelan says:

my cat loved this video so nice to have one of mice aswell instead of just birds! Great variety

고양이들수집사와 says:

Hi mouse 😍🤗🤩

Sharon Shoffner says:

I am half cat half human

Mona Alsada says:

Couldn't watch it thanks to Lolo turning left and right, scratching the screen, biting the cover
Just to make sure the rat didn't come out 🙂

Nerina Nina says:

My cat was triggered. He keeps poking on my phone.

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