My Cats Learned Something New! // SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder Unboxing & Review

▼ LOTS OF INFO ▼ Two of my three cats need a prescription diet to keep them healthy, which means all three of my cats eat a different diet and need to be fed separately. How do I manage? Up until now, I’ve been playing “musical food bowls” with my cats trying to get each cat to only eat out of his own bowl before I put it back in the closet for next time. But that system was definitely not working, so I finally decided to splurge on these microchip activated SureFeed cat feeders. Have they made my life easier or do my cats hate the scary food robots? Watch the video to find out.

SureFeed Microchip Activated Feeders ► (affiliate link)

There’s also a microchip activated cat door ► (affiliate link)

New videos are uploaded every Friday and sometimes Tuesday!

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Solid Gold Aquatics says:

For those of you who aren't into cats (first can I just say you must be crazy; who wouldn't love these adorable balls of fluff?!) there will be a new video this Friday about a brand spankin' new 90 gallon aquarium I'm setting up in my living room, and I am not keeping goldfish in it… see if you can guess what type of fish I'm getting! Below are some helpful links:
SureFeed Microchip Activated Feeders ►
There's also a microchip activated cat door! ►

BlueMoon Builds says:

Who just totally relates to roger?

Kevin Baker says:

the cat looks like my cat

Eevee Aquatics says:

My cat looks a lot like Roger. His name is Scyrus

Holly Krist says:

You should of got an orange bowl and matt for your orange cat. Black bowl and matt for your black cat and you already have a grey bowl and matt for your grey cat

wanderingsmith says:

could you not use a different bowl in it? find a steel one that will fit in there, even if not perfectly..

Pet Craz says:

5:02 “Don’t you know that all boxes that come into the house are mine?” -Roger. 😂

Ryuu The Dragon says:

What kind of cat is Grim?

marvona says:


Christina Boyd says:

I love food

Amaris T says:

I liked the video

Tonya Saxton says:

Good video very clear, your cats are adorable and love your hair. This helps me, because my husband's cat keeps taking all the food from my cat. Thank you for sharing

Shelley G says:

make more videos about your cats please ! i seriously love cats

Saland Findles says:

Four C batteries! I haven't had anything that needed that since my 90's radio/tape deck!

Amber Short says:

Video was awesome

Millie Lee says:

I don't have any cats at the moment haven't had a cat for about 6 years now since my last cat… but these kitty videos make me want another car

Julie Keller says:

I have a sureflap microchip activated cat flap and it's a life saver as if I didn't use it the three neighbour cats would come into my apartment at any time of the day to eat my cat's food 😛

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