My new cat loves treats!

This is jarrod’s second video!
hes going to the vet tomorrow, going to be tested for ringworm,
wish him luck, because if his test is positive then you will not see him again :{ nor will i..
So lets wish him luck!
He loves treats! what a marvelous cat


Henrik Persson says:

What a cute cat :)<3

leaderdoom says:

Pimp Love it =D

sylvertech7 says:

I love you and your work!

acidfart6400 says:

I hope your kitty will be fine cause I <3 the cat.

Mario King says:

You have very nice cat's, I likey 😀

John O'Donnell says:

I like ur video bro 🙂

H20Ghost says:

awesome cat man

pr3ttykitty1337 says:

Sadly, right now we have to lock him in a room where theres no carpet…
he will have to be isolated from people, furniture, carpet and other cats… FOR ONE MONTH.

this is a sad sad situation 🙁

pr3ttykitty1337 says:

Therefore the people who work there and volunteer are in danger

pr3ttykitty1337 says:

He oringinally had ringowrm, but it was treated, we went to the vet today and the vet was freaking out.
Tommorow we will bring him to the vet, to do the culture.. I sure hope he doesnt have ringworm..
the reason why is becausethe whole shelter had ringowrm, and there was no way to remove it.. theres going to be ringoworm in the shwelter forever.. meaning all the cats in the shelter video are in danger. Ringworm can infect people too, i think it already got my dad…

pr3ttykitty1337 says:

Ohhh thanks! gimme more ideas of videos!
my parents are worried, cuz if jarrod is positive for ringworm, our cat needs to be isolated and he might infect people, ringworm is highly contagious and will spreadlike wildfire.. so we will need to clean our house, vacumm and dissinfect for 8 weeks, and he might infect mr.cuddles, and hes longhaird so that a very bad problem.. subscribe to help jarrod.

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