My New Kitten Passed Away

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Apollo was my new kitten.

He was diagnosed with FIP and died less than two months after we brought him home.

Cats with weak immune systems are most likely to develop the disease.
The most common transmission occurs when infected female cats pass along the virus to their kittens, usually when the kittens are between five and eight weeks of age.
coronavirus more often because many of them come from catteries.
Can FIP be treated?
Unfortunately, there is no known cure. FIP is a fatal disease. Treatment is generally aimed at supportive care, such as good nursing care and nutrition, and alleviating the inflammatory response of the disease. Cats with FIP are often treated with corticosteroids, cytotoxic drugs, and antibiotics. Supportive care may also include fluid therapy, draining accumulated fluids, and blood transfusions.


ZeusTheServal says:

I am sorry if i made anyone cry πŸ™ I didn't mean to make this so sad.. It really is just a good memory of the time I was able to be with him and how lucky my family and I were able to be the ones to be with him on his way out.. I hope I didn't make anyone depressed or sad about this video. We just wanted to share with you how much love we have for our pets and how much we adore our animals and thank you guys for watching and I hope everyone is happy and positive. we love you all!

Cat Lover says:

So so sorry 4 ur kitten😒πŸ˜₯

Cat Lover says:

RIP Apollo😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😩

angie guerrero says:

I cry 😭😭😭

Lovelygamer Baxter says:

Am so sorry for your cat god bless you

Liz Biz says:

Poor Apollo, this made me tear up a little knowing that this poor kittens was so young. i love kittens and i will pray for Apollo to live a happy life in heaven (:

SansGamer 21 says:

that made me so sad and it was touching even though i dont have a cat I still feel super sad for apollo

Chris Templeman says:

At least he lived a happy life with you

Chris Templeman says:

What a furbaby he/she's is in heaven now😭

Chris Templeman says:

Rip kitten love u so muchπŸ˜‚

Alie Olie34 says:

So sorry! You did what you could.

Cat_Lover 4life says:

Damn ninjas cutting onions up in here.

Zara Bashir says:

In the last clip it looks like the cat is still breathing

Jeannette Adams says:

I am so sorry, I know how it feels to lose our furbabies

Safinah Mohamad says:

Im sad..RIP Apolo

somnath chakraborty says:

It's sad

bear gaming says:

That made me cry poor kitten

Jordin Apperson says:

My kitten just attacked the screen

ThunderClan 555 says:

I'm very sorry for your loss of Apollo

Shianne Baker says:


myanimaljam0112 AJ says:

*cries* poor kitty witty

saheli chowdhury says:

So sorry for the child…

Yasir Iqbal says:

One of the saddest things I've ever witnessed.

Such a beautiful cat.

A Normal Guy On The Internet says:

Those who disliked are probably people that doesn't have a heart and doesn't care about animals. Just like humans, animals need love too.

A Normal Guy On The Internet says:

I'm sorry but what breed is he?

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