My xxl pitbulls all playing together no fight.

My dogs playing together without fighting it doesn’t matter if your dog is 10 pound of 150 pounds if you socialize your dogs good they all can get along like mine dogs…. Giantbullypitbulls.
Instagram: giantbullypitbulls.rasitkaplan
Facebook: rasit kaplan


Kamohelo Bopape says:

So many pit bulls

Eder Jean baptiste says:

You have space for them bro, can tell you men that's my dream to have a lot of pitt

CaineRosu97 says:

You are amazing…with this “souls” , you live for them ! Congratulation!! Respect!

Kıdemli Çekirdek says:

Abi bende blue nose alcamda güzelmi sence?

BUKET barka says:

Amerikan xl Bully

E c says:

Why does everyone like these? I think they all need put down… The world would be a better place..

Müptezel Samet says:

İttihat ve Terakki cemiyeti dövmesi

Nakroth Chiến Binh Hỏa Ngục says:

Ăn trộm vô chỉ có chết

Maria Laura Cavagliato8 says:


Tý Nguyễn says:

Nhìu quá . Wow

two toenail says:

Not one pit bull

Qwer Rewq says:

Wtf GTA v white Franklin


eles são lidos amo muito e ele reispeta os otros

Judy Roshel says:

My god.. cute but fear..

alelia azeredo guimaraes says:

Muy maravilloso perros amo

Hernan Soraire says:

Yeat.para qe tantos can.😅😅

Dogworld Me says:

If these were real pits then they would be ripping each other's faces off fighting becuase pits are animal aggressive but never human

Paco Lara says:

Those dogs ain’t pitbulls

k Shiva says:

How much price

christian crusco says:

Esta selección es peligrosa y perjudicial para la raza APBT original.

Some One says:

The grey one is awesome 😍

Daniel silva says:

É um cachorro muito bom agora muito violento

Bonifacio Petalcurin says:

Thats BULGE thou … its big

Wallas passariero says:

Eles são muito lindos demais

Droid Pica says:

Algérie 🇩🇿🇩🇿

NayMar glez says:

Bullies are not pitbulls, those aren't that big, xxl? I think not

surinder kumar says:

Sir, please donate me 1 tyson son i am very thankful to you for life time

Avaz İncekara says:

Abi üç buçuk yıkanabilir mi

hamza oruc says:

bukadar kopek kimin?!!?!?!?

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