N2 the Talking Cat S1 Ep8 – New Song Preppy Cat

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Funny Talking Cat N2 tells his fans about his new song “Preppy Cat” and his music video coming out on June 20th
Visit N2’s official site at http://www.n2thetalkingcat.com

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D Barrett says:

Much love for the Preppy cat

Vadilosin says:


Jaida Blackwood says:


Rylie Ball says:

At the end he is trying to very carefully convince people to buy it without them noticing

DR.Skelbones 12 says:

N2 the talking cat is so epic but he died of cancer 🙁 RIP N2 😭

Aeris Long says:

Awesome song guys! 😊💖🐙

broseph 340 says:

glad kona wasn't in this

Pink Elise says:

I love N2! But Kona is just a crazy mean cat!

WhatDoesTheCatSay says:

I LOVE N2!!!!!!! MISS HIM SO MUCH OMG!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。

Lloyd Walker says:


Aiesha Henlon says:

I love it N2

D Barrett says:

A Great Song

TheFour CheetahGirls says:

N2 was 1 of the coolest cats I'll ever now and we all miss u and he's with his brother night crawler

Anhdien Nguyen says:

Cool. And. Fun

Paul Worthy says:

Cool and funny 😺

Callisto Ridgeway says:

I would buy a T-shirt, a cup, a pillow case, and his album but I'm not aloud.

Callisto Ridgeway says:

N2 is very funny!! I love all his songs and videos

Hannah webkinz to Colson says:

This is awesome!!!

Planet Earth says:

why you have to die we will miss you n2 cat ;( 

Cortez says:

cat are asome

Sarah Smith says:


Sarah Smith says:


Goldyheartz says:

Can i make a lps version of the season 1,  2 and 3

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