[NEKO TIME] crazy japanese cat loves his human – 池袋のねころび Cat Cafe

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September 2017 – THANKS FOR 1 MILLION VIEWS!
This clip is originally from my Nekorobi: Ikebukuro Cat Café video, but I think i should share this clip alone for the pure hilarity of this Japanese cat!

This cat is crazy persistent! He keeps jumping up on his favourite staff member, insisting she cuddle him like a baby.

This was recorded in 2012 at my favourite cat cafe in Ikebukuro (my old town). This cat cafe is called Nekorobi ( http://www.nekorobi.jp/english/ ), and is one of the smaller cafes I’ve visited, but this one is my favourite as it offers free drink bar, laptop or ipad to use (including free wifi), a tv to play wii or watch more cat videos and pictures. Plus free access to outlets and chargers to charge your portable devices. You can also print out your pictures you take in this cafe, 10 pictures free of charge.

This is just one of many cat cafes in Tokyo. I’ve been to about 5 different ones so far. You can also find manga style cat cafes or big adventure style cat cafes, all differ but prices often range from 900yen-3000yen per hour depending on the location, day and hour you visited. We visited Nekorobi on a busy sunday so the price was 1200yen per hour, though weekdays is only 1000yen.

Watch original video/full vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHjQ0Y8it1c
nostalgia/throwback points!

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M Al hasan says:

Both r cute

ivin rio says:

Are they talking japanese or chinese?

Super Pony 3 says:

sugoi neko-san chan sama kawaii desu !

cringest weaboo says:

Sailor Venus is that you and artimes?

Asad Khan says:

wow so lovely so cute cat and you

Miaka Iwamoto says:


i!I'm_ Libra!i says:

I wish my cat loved my like that!! 💖💖💖😍😍😍😻😻😻

Hemry Zhang says:


Blognya Omiyan says:

ah euy mun aya caket abdi hoyonglah diapdosi ….. abdina …. hahahahahah

adez dez says:

310 blackcat dislike this video

RUSMIX Alive says:

i want both!!!

4,827,816 views says:

clingy cat but i love it

wen wen wen chen says:


Nesreen catlover says:

i want to hug this cat too its face is so cute


This lady is heroine in mystic messenger and she chose Jumin Han route lol

FYN Fynia says:

I think im in love 😍😍😍 with the girl who play with the cat

José Gabriel says:

That cat is a real Playboy and has good tastes 😂👍

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