NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEO!!! – Great Cat Video – Sabrina Poses for YOU!!!

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Visit if your cat pees outside the box. Sabrina just laid down and stared right into the camera! She is such a fine kitty kat. Please subscribe to Sabrina’s video channel for more.

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don man says:

where did u get it from

AnimalsReview says:

Looks like my friends cat, see my videos with red (ginger) cat

liahonagirl says:

untrue! ginger cats are predominantly male; HOWEVER, there are female ginger cats

Shirley Wang says:

most borning video ever!

Jeff Missinne says:

Beautiful kitty!

Blanc says:

looks like my cat 🙂

Şafak Wrangler says:

So cuteeeee <33333

azramaniacNo1 says:

Ok then, she is cute. Can we get any of her antics?

Jozef Melckenbeeck says:

You're wrong, one of my cats is a ginger female. It has to do with genes, in order to have a ginger female both parents need to have the ginger chromosome. This means you need a ginger tomcat and either a ginger female or a turtle female which also carries the chromosome.

azramaniacNo1 says:

Don't try to fool us. Ginger cat can only be a boy !

Yumako Kawashima says:

I LOVE my Sabrina t-shirt!

SabrinasPlanet says:

@AgentThis99 I am almost certain she has Maine Coon in her. But she is not as big.

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