Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!

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Tigers, Lions, Leopards and all other species of big cats are WILD animals, they will always have their wild instincts and as this video illustrates they will never make good “pets” !!

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Did you know there are over 10,000 privately owned tigers, lions and other big cats in the USA?! Not only does this mean that thousands of big cats are living in terrible conditions, it’s also a major risk to public safety! Since 1990, U.S. incidents involving captive big cats—including tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and lion/tiger hybrids—have resulted in the deaths of 21 humans, 247 maulings, 259 escapes, 143 big cats deaths and 132 confiscations.

The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act has been reintroduced as HR 3546 in the House and S 2541 in the Senate.  Please ask your member of Congress to sign on as a Co Sponsor so that this bill can be passed this year! This is the Most Important Bill Ever to Protect Big Cats from Abuse! Take action here:

BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the 100+ feline residents of “Big Cat Rescue” in Tampa, FL. USA. Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding sanctuary and a registered non-profit 501c3 so your donations are tax deductible!

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John Donovan says:

thats cool as hell….but shows how big cats dont want to "fight" prey head on

itsMe says:

i would beat the cats up after to show them who the real alpha is

chill its a joke

H hy says:

The feline always attack for the back , this is what makes him so dangerous .

Paul Snow says:

They're such unbelievably beautiful animals.

Immy Rose Smith says:

I feel like he's taunting them:(

tggrsmommy says:

That's a rescue?! Those poor animals are enclosed in such tiny spaces!

Chhayarith Tes says:

pretty fun

Mrmoc7 says:

These wild felines will literally stab you in the back, just like human women. What a surprise.

BlueFlame17 says:

I wonder if its a game to them

Mike McRoberts says:

Isn't that the Cole and Marmalade guy?

EnderLady Endy says:

Haha, cute, it's like playing green light red light with them

Виктор Вовченко says:

did they want to attack or play?

p0pp4 says:

Who is the voice for this commercial? She sounds like Bjork.

Kevin Benton says:

Beautiful yet Deadly

Sukura Mahenita says:

THERE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

olivia m says:

our they friendly

DeadlyDanDaMan says:

Why aren't these animals in the wild where they belong? They are 100% healthy. What exactly are rescuing them from? I think they need to be rescued from you.

BeastMK says:


ahlamkin says:

Not just big cats, all cats lol. Mine has scared the crap out of me a cpl of times pouncing on my back with ne unaware of her even being around lol. I find it cute, but shes also the size of a small bunny, not a big cat so lol.

The Artful Dodger says:

All but one of those big cats were just playing.

이한솔 says:


Raging Inferno says:

At the beginning, ya's sound like stampy

프리모 says:

무궁화 꽃이 피였습니다!

Sai Alok says:

lol that lion and white tiger are i dunno really man! when he turns back

Zen Tifox says:

I love how when you looked back at Amanda she acted like she wasn't doing anything wrong and looked away

cringkiloli says:

in malaysia,people who enter the jungle usually wear a mask at the back of their heads

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