New cat on the street


starly naveiro says:

Hopkit from A Vision Of Shadows became a warrior xD

Princess Hufflepuff says:

KITTY: ok, enough cuddle and back to the food!

Princess Hufflepuff says:

It’s so cute! Love all the colors on the fur!♥️

AvangionQ says:

Best part @ 3:35 … always glad to see a happy cat thank for the meal … 😺

Alex4Lolz says:

Yet another example of your kind soul. Thank you for all your work.

Cyril TV says:

such a cute nose

Laura Music says:

what a beautiful cat!!! awwwwwww sooo pure… love him/her

Pet Products says:

Very Nice video

mpouka nouka says:


Pikagirl541 says:

I have a couple of stray* cats that come in my yard from time to time. One looks a lot like this cat but with orange patches instead of brown and black; I call him Cream, because his colors remind me of peaches and cream. The other is mostly orange with lighter orange stripes and a white belly; I call her Pumpkin. I look forward to seeing them even though they're too skiddish for me to get them or even get close. If we weren't on such a tight budget right now I'd put hard food out for them. Part of me hopes one (or both if they get along) adopts us eventually. They don't look starved but I worry about them out there.

*They don't have collars so I'm assuming they're strays. We have a black cat the comes in our yard too, but he wears a collar so we know he has humans. I don't know why I refer to cats as male unless I find out otherwise; it's just habit. I'm sure Pumpkin is a girl though because she has a little extra weight on her belly by her back legs which indicates she's had kittens at some point.

Eon Love says:

Friendly beautiful cat🤗🤗🤗

Julien H says:

She s so cute with her black nose :). So friendly that she may belongs to someone? She doesnt seem to be starving too

Star Moon says:

ohhhh so BEAUTIFUL

Maria Götz says:

This little, loveable Miez always makes sure that you stay close to him.
If you move away from his food bowl to sit down nearby, he leave his feeding ground to follow you.
It return to his food until he is sure you stay close to him.

It has close you in his cat heart and trusts you. 🍛🐆 📹🚶🌳

Наталья Устюгова says:

Это мой кот его потеряла и не знаю что делать если я его 10 дней и могла найти ещё впереди не знаю что мне делать Ты нашел уже Молодец ночи но я же не знаю где ты Я не знаю где мой кот Я как раз друзей вижу и знаю что делать Не применимо тогда всё это что после терабайта Это мой кот Я его люблю его зовут Барсик пожалуйста прошу если вы его видели таким тогда набирайте 700 391 пожалуйста вот только Верните моего кота

sumin95 says:

Is this sweet kitty still a stray? Or did "someone" adopt her?

Jay Fizzle says:

Where does this guy live ?

Philip Petkin says:

She must be a daughter of our favorite couple…while with ginger tail and white with black nose… Very pretty girl

Kimmy Rhodes says:

Cats are awesome

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