New cat with blue eyes on the street


Robin Seplut says:

Hello dear friends!
1) 0:01 cat with blue eyes
2) 4:25 cat want food
3) 7:29 cat meow
4) 9:31 cat hisses

Violet Starlight says:

Such a beautiful cat 🤗

지민잼 says:

A Siamese!!! I have a siamese!!


These beauties have learned ettiquette

Legendary Frikandel says:

Its a beautiful cat! The eyes have got a great Color! I hope he gets adopted by someone where he can be lucky again

Mariam Tsiskarishvili says:

ooh what's a beautiful caat

Claudius Aurelius says:

Expensive siam, the money is on the street 🤣

konamiboyfool says:

I would have "stolen" it from the streets

AeoniumRed Imvu says:

Aw she is beautiful

TheKamel777 says:

If you get the cat to a vet or shelter, the kitty will be adopted immediately. Cat is beautuful and it's Siamese.

LPS Fluffy Kitten ProductionsTM says:

I also got a Siamese cat outside I call him Simon

SirJokanaan says:

What a beauty. Looks like a very expensive breed.

Alexandria Fernandez says:

how in the world did a siamese end up homeless? there's no way thats a feral it must be a stray or got out of the house
poor beauty I hope she finds a good home

Bettina Eicher says:

Thank you, Robin, for feeding all these beautiful cats!👍🏻😻
Nice calico-cat seems to be very happy to see you!

Trevor Jones says:

I hope I can meet those cats in Oviedo FL.

Sketch Draws says:

Robin should call that calico Eclipse 🙂

Night Owl says:

grey and white kitty is very friendly 🙂

T H O T p a t r o l says:

Ok i dont like cats but i have to agree that cat looks pretty nice

xX_Fennix _xX wolf says:

This cat remind me of my cat snow he is missing cuz someone took him and sell him I am still sad no likes for ok just don't give me a like likes won't work


Used to have my neighbours cats coming to my rented house.
One of them is a Mekong Bobtail almost similar like this.
We call him Predator,
due to him always staring by the door with his dark face and blue eyes.
Another one was an orange cat
We call him Hunter,
because he likes to catch the geckos.
Sadly both went missing. 😢

killer WJH says:

Siamese cat!

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