NEW PET LOSS SONG! RAINBOW BRIDGE (comfort for loss of a pet)

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My song, “Rainbow Bridge”, was written using the idea of the well-known Rainbow Bridge poem/story. A friend had shared the Rainbow Bridge poem with me several years ago after the loss of my beloved cat, Cheddar. I feel I have captured the essence of the original story using my own words and in creating what I consider to be a beautiful melody of piano & harp-blended music. At the suggestion of a friend, I filled the void of Cheddar’s loss by adopting a new kitty “Callie” at our local animal shelter. Cheddar will, however, always have a special place in my heart. May you be blessed by the words and music of my song and find comfort in knowing that you will one day see your furry friend again in Heaven.
“Rainbow Bridge”
Words and Music and Video Production by: Libby L. Allen Copyright, 2010
Vocals by: Libby L. Allen


Chase4everChase says:

Libby, I have always enjoyed your singing. "Rainbow Bridge" is a poem that I have frequenly shared with numerous loved ones when a pet makes the transition to Heaven. I really appreciate your singing this special song and continue to share you and your love with many of my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Libby. (Chase)

Amber Rain says:

Dedicated to all my loved babies I have lost 💜🐶🐱🐹🐰🕊💙

Algodoo says:

R.I.P. Mickey, I hadn't someone to stay with me while I was little, and he was the only one who stayed with me since I was 7 years old…

brooke tiner says:

ricki 2002-2016

brooke tiner says:

Rip my long hair Chihuahua who's name is ricki she died in her sleep while I was away for a month she was my first dog and first dog death I've been through… I had her since I was born

Sinead Ferguson says:

Autumn, tommorow it would have been exactly a day since I got you and your sister Willow and brought you two trouble makers home! I'm so sorry that there wasn't anything else the vet or I could do. I love you so much and will never forget you and how happy you made me and I cant wait to see you again-r.i.p my beautiful girl xox

Fever Ray says:

Bye Mika, I'm so sorry I didn't spend enough time in the last year, please forgive me. I love you very much. I hope this love I gave you through your life was enough to reassure you you were the greatest dog ever. You are very important to me. Rest in peace baby <3

Maria Podkolzina says:

My grandmas cat passed away He was hit by a car today 😭.He was still a young kitty 1 year 3 months.We raised him since ha was a little kitten about a week old.I miss him soo much.
May 5 2015 – August 20 2016 😿

Amy Hubbard says:

I'll always love you Howie I am sorry you got hit:(

AmJustJessie says:

R.i.p baby igor 😭💔 28-april-2012 / 27-july-2016 …

Alexis Gregory says:

My cat is currently dying of no other than cancer. I have no idea how much longer she has but it's not looking to be long. I love you so much Gemma you're my little baby. Forever and always.

Smashington says:

Goodbye Eino. I'll see you beyond the rainbow bridge some day.

Harriet Lumb says:

just lost my pet tortoise only 3 kidney failure

Bettafishaddictlover Fishlover says:

Had to put my black lab down on july 12 2016 he was cremeated on july 13 he was a good dog

Joey M. says:

my precious kitty died today. Rest in peace princess you're in kitty heaven now. I miss you so much and I love you so much 😪💔

Jonathan Pebley says:

I had to put my cat scooter down yesterday its killing me I want him back but i know I can't have him back but I know I will see him again rest in peace I love you scooter I miss you 

Camila White says:

R. I. P. Belle. How beautiful it is to exsist.

Kevin Ferguson says:

RIP Hunter 7-17-03 to 7-14-16

Milica Jelača says:

R.i.p. Odi i will always love you 💔

Bettafishaddictlover Fishlover says:

Lost my black lab to dancer on Tuesday it was tough

Katie Brown says:

I needed this song, thank you…I really helped.. My beautiful Sneak was hit by a car last week… She was only 3. RIP Little angel.

BeTa Dreamz says:

rip my saffie to cancer I loved her soo much

Thomas Wylie says:

my mouse mr jingles named after the mouse on green mile just died goodbye buddy

paul bessant says:

Love you barker see you soon

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