Ninja kitty attack


Omar Johnson says:

A gentle dog.

adambakas13 says:

Its like watching a judo match

Roman Screwup says:


YMangaka says:

*start of the video* "NINJA KITTY ATTACK !"
*struggle for 10-12 seconds*
0:16 kitty : "wait, hold on !" *hide eyes* "now you cant see me !"

cri378 says:

Ahahahahah SO BEAUTIFUL !!! ahahahahahah

Rhyan Jordan says:

0:16 Peek-a-boo kitty! ๐Ÿ™‚

Inkvisitio says:

Dog: oh srsly kitty what are you doing

Marvcohen says:

that's a good dog

Ljbean3 says:

SO FREAKIN' FUNNY!! That is one AWESOME dog! Pretty great kitty too:) I LOVE when kitty lands on his back and puts his paws over his eyes!! ๐Ÿ˜€

HungryEars - World Music says:

Dear ol' poochy has the patience of Job! Bless its heart!

Excellent ending, too!

bbristowe says:

0:15 HANDS UP!

kristaps kamarovs says:

Lol this is like a fight between chuck norris and bruce lee

Fatine009 says:

0:46 Kitty salto!

kebler823 says:

I <3 love 0:16 part! kitty hides his eyes behind paws!

brmadman4455 says:

Is that a bengal or an egyptian mau? Looks like a mau.

ayexbritni says:

That's a beautiful pussy you have there.

qwertyuiopants says:

I think the real hero is the dog, he's so nice about it and doesn't kill the kitten or anything…


At the end,
DOG: Ouch! That must've hurt! U ok?
CAT: Yeah, no, and I don't know. Where the hell is my litter box, I've gotta take a shiz!
DOG: Over there.
CAT: Thx.

Tracker Videos says:

Shut up this is not right

dharmaseed says:

I've seen many full size dogs get pwned by small Bengals. This dog has the cat's number!

Lotowolf says:

Adorable Poor big doggy being teased buy that little, soft, and cuddly kitten

mmacpuguy says:

That's great, thanks

forest sponseller says:

I watched this last night, then saw it again tonight. Laughed even more tonight. Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

vdogg43 says:

@TA152H01 I think you are right, the dog totally knows how to get the kitten to keep going.

Dimmerdrake595 says:

cat: Niger this is my bed get the f**k off or i'll go jackie chan on you.
dog: wait a second let me get ready.wait you baster let me get…..
were did you go.
cat:down here jackass

LunarWolfCosplay says:

1:56 – 1:57 KITTY FAILS AND FALLS i laughed so hard

CorsicaLily says:

0:16 Jackie Chan!

CorsicaLily says:

0:16 Jackie Chan!

CorsicaLily says:

0:16 Jackie Chan!

DrClaudeLedbetter says:

He has disgraced his dojo.

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