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Hermann Bubna-Littiz of the University of Vienna has written music for cats and the positive effects of the music are clear to see. Meanwhile Feline Behaviourist Beth Adelman believes Nora the cat is using the piano to gain the attention of her owner Betsy.

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dusty johnson says:

now compose music that a cat can actually play. something that would only require the use of two paws.

Neldidellavittoria says:

I had a cat, Maya, who's now departed, who simply loved opera. She'd sit in front of the hifi for hours on end and listen attentively to my CDs. Other cats I've had were not that musical.

Pantherex says:


Jungshi J says:

Hmm…could Nora be related to Tom, i wonder.

Allen Page says:

I calz dis won, "fuud bol iz mt"

Annette Perkins says:

My cat is so boring. All she wants is a place to eat and sleep. She rarely shows any affection towards her family, but she has such a good home.

JZoidberg says:

where's the control for this experiment? maybe the cat's just start to relax as time passes in the room.

also the word copycat didn't come from cats imitating behaviour, cats don't usually do that. cat was used as slang in 17th century America to mean a person with poor qualities, e.g. copy-cat.

Zenovarse says:

that cat's 100% asian

Serenity Madavan Mc Coy says:

the cat is like my piano

Dr. Kelp says:

This made me want to buy a cat…..

ejmac11 says:

That woman was wrong about the origin of the word copycat. "Unlike monkeys and parrots, cats aren't actually known for imitative behavior, but the term is somewhat logical since "cat" has been an insult since the medieval period".

xoxStephanie MSP says:

I love BBC Earth it's so interesting! That's what I love about it xD :)

Run13 Buddhabrot says:

animals are connected to the higher self, they have no ego, it just flows. phi golden ratio is maths which is music

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