Oh Carolina – Dancing with my Cat!

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Editted to add: Jan 2011
Allie still watches and joins in with my dancing. I dance professionally part time time and still practice in my kitchen when at home and as you can see in this September 2010 video Allie still watches.. probably critiquing me every step of the way lol.

LOL I decided to get Allie Button involved in my kitchen dance party!

The video starts abruptly because my mom and her boyfriend walked in front of the camera as they were unaware that I was filming so I just cut off the beginning. I wanted this to actually be a good video but since i got interrupted I just started to goof off and dance with my kitty.. who needs a snake when you have a cat right;)

And for the record she has all of her claws. She usually sits and watches me dance for reasons beyond my knowledge ( I think she is mildly amused/entertained) and doesn’t seem to mind joining in on the fun! I’ve had Allie since she was a little kitten. She one of a litter of 4 that were found in a barn abandoned by their mother. We eventually found the mother the following year with a new litter and had her spayed as soon as she was able. THey’re all very smart cats:)

The song is Oh Carolina by the Folkes Brothers! Also, thiss is my costume from One World, my Grandmother and myself made it:)

SOFIAgandako TAG! Get moving missy!


Amy Abrams says:

This is one of my very favorite belly dance videos – I forget how I originally stumbled on it, whether I was searching for dancing cat videos or belly dancing to Shaggy but I'm glad I did!  This video makes me so happy when I watch it.  It is just such a joyful dance as well as the added bonus of the cat!

patrat2000 says:

I have that crock-pot! Animals love reggae.

Shira Fannan says:

I'm jealous.  NONE of my 3 cats would EVER agree to dance with me like yours did!  Purr!

maribel martinez says:

i love your cat !!!

katty malia says:

ohh my god i love your dance

reshsgurl says:

Ive watched all the videos on your channel and Im totally intrigued! I might have to take BD lessons! Btw – this video is my *favorite* of all of the ones you have on your channel…have you done this routine in a performance before?…its SO good! go Cassandra! 🙂

Aquilina Ribeiro says:

I love how the cat simply just doesn't care! Sooo typical! I love cats xD

maryrudakas says:

Soooo cute!!

Joseph Smith says:

i have watched all your vids i love your dancing and u are def my fav person on this planet (sorry 2nd fav) top spot goes 2 alyissa milano witch puts u in great company

dragonfist76 says:

your pretty sexy there hey?

Ho Lan says:

lovely performance 🙂 love kitty 🙂

mermaidcandy says:

What a sweetheart you are. I can tell your kitty trusts you. My boxer dog girl dances with me, when I play zills. Animals are wonderful beings. Thanks for dancing with ? (whatz the kitties name)

TheArtistdancer says:

you are a fun and very talented dancer! but I must say I really enjoyed this video the most … your cute kitty added a touch of humor and adventure Bravo!!!

Meagan Hesham says:

you're the cutest gurly!

shanazmohammed14 says:

ur kitty is adorable! nice vid.

martin1wheel says:

my cat Bambaloni Yoni(her name means to dance to the lord Shiva to the sound of a drum Pussy)would hassle me(biting my ankles if I didn't pick her up) to dance with her if I put old school ska,soul R&B or rock & roll on.Sadly she died last year & the new kitten Bloomdido Bad De Grasse is yet to get into it,but I will persevere,cos dancing with a cat purring on your shoulder has got to be one of life's finest things

baltimorecity1 says:

That is so cute. You are a good dancer. Your cat is cute. I can tell he/she just loved every bit of it. Thanks for making the video

welwisher says:

It seems like the neck is always the most convienient place to put a cat when you don't want to hold them!

Michael Epp says:

I absolutely LOVE this video, and all of your others too. You've got a the cutest dance parter there too. 🙂

I like how you've taken bellydance out-of-the-box and put creativity and uniqueness into it, and found a way to make something that is your own.

Thanks for sharing

eeesiii says:

i think the cat looks a little bit scared… but respect for that kind of moving your body

astromaga says:

so funny i loved it hahahahaha

Belly Dance by Tanisha says:

Very nice. I really love your videos. You're a great dancer…graceful and beautiful isolations. You make it look easy!

gothictikidragon says:

So cute!! My cats would have went running, lol! Your isolations are incredible, very, very nice dancing!! 🙂

sahbader says:

I love it! It is soo cuute.. And you are too, beautiful 😉

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