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OMG! Is Scout Jr. OK?!? What is Speedo’s PROBLEM!?! Why does that WOMAN have such hairy ARMS?!?? Did anyone DIE!!?? I can answer all these questions and more! Simply watch the other videos on my [More]
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What does the #SharkCat Say? Shark Cat wants to Thank everyone who watched and shared his SharkCat videos this year – Over 13 million times which is hard to believe for almost 13 year old [More] Soft, relaxing classical piano music to play for your cat. Helpful to play when the cat is alone. Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist approved! 1. Largo 2. Cello Suite 3. Waltz 4. Minuet [More]
Various Cat sounds Guaranteed to Make Your Cat go Crazy! 2 Hours Of nNon-Stop Fun. Leave it on when you leave to keep your cat company and happy. -Kitty purrs -Various Meows -let your pet [More]
Swakke getting a bit too curious with a cardboard box, attempting to have a look inside but ending up in a very compromising position! Check out @Swakkethecat’s Instagram account: and Facebook page: To [More]
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Tybalt usually ignores all form of media on my laptop or TV, he knows it’s not really in the room. For some reason, he reacted to this girl meowing to her cat in a vine. [More]
There’s a heated discussion among lovers, I do something soulless & terrible, and we get to meet some old friends. Enjoy! — Follow BigCatDerek — VINE – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM [More]
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Rare close-up showing red-winged blackbird and swallows attacking a turkey vulture. Red-winged blackbirds are becoming rare in some areas. Maybe you think a turkey vulture lives an easy life. Here they are attacked by redwinged [More]
This Serval cat would have took my son out if it wasn’t for the glass.
Nana loves the tunnel and I have developed a language with her to the point we both know what’s coming next! When she went from “I’m watching you” to “Okay mofo, now you’ve got my [More]
Our cat thought he could sneak into the baby’s room…he must think we can’t see him when he stops moving. This is a MUST WATCH! To use this video in a commercial player or in [More]

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