Pancake the cat adopts his own baby lamb… pat pat


Another video of Pancake with Trivia’s newborn lamb.

Trivia’s newborn lamb is a European Mouflon.


The Mouflon is believed to be the wild ancestor of all domesticated sheep. Originally these sheep were found in the mountainous regions of Anatolia and then were introduced to the Greek islands, eventually ending up in continental Europe. Today, wild Moulfon can mostly be found in Iraq and Iran. They’re most distinguishable feature is their large impressive horns.


Pancake is a very special kitten that was abandoned at the tender age of three weeks in a hot parking lot in Phoenix. He was lucky to be found and rescued by some good people before succumbing to heat exhaustion. I fostered Pancake, bringing him to my home a week later. He instantly developed a close and loving bond with my two year old Doberman Pinscher, Sugar Tree. The two become fast friends and inseparable. Growing very attached to Pancake and not wanting to separate them, I adopted him and he became a permanent member of the family. It’s wonderful having them; whether they’re cuddling in bed or gently playing, it’s hard not to smile with them around.

They’re best known for their 2012 viral video Tiny Kitten Takes On Big Doberman:

He is also the grand prize winner of The Friskies cat video awards 2013

Keep up with Pancake and Sugar Tree on facebook:



Pancake is the Boss!!!!!


0:33 those dilated hunting eyes lol, instinct vs reason

My My says:

Pancake simply cannot leave any animal in peace. What a sweetheart!

George Rolfe says:

Pancake is the best.

Katia Martins says:

VERY PRECIOUS 💜🕊💜🕊💜😚🌷🍃🐝💕💮💕💮💕💮💕💮🍃
Many kisses 😚🕊🌷😚🕊💋💫

Cynthia Hawkins says:

How gentle he is with a brother creature….

Angelica Plummer says:

" yeah, turn the camera off. You're fu#*ing up my street cred "

Yahul Wagoni says:

I suppose there is no harm with a cat getting acquainted with its future dinner.

jaycravn says:

i feel like hes trying to figure out if the lamb will playfight, which the lamb ofc cannot do.must be quite confusing for both of them!

Henry Steppel says:

pancake is just adorable!

1958Shemp says:

Was the cat petting the lamb, maybe?

Face Off says:

looks to me like the cat was asserting dominance

Josh Simpson says:

pancake too adorable man

PeaceFan1 says:

Pancake is The BOSS, at that home !!! xoxo

Jeffrey Wise says:

Hippos are so stupid

Jody Penner says:

I love Pancake the cat. 🙂 He's super chill.

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