Passive Aggressive Cats Video Compilation 2016

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From cats knocking items off tables, to cats stealing food and dog beds, when these cats have a problem, they show it in a very passive aggressive way. These are just a few of the cats you’ll find in this passive aggressive cats video compilation.

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Ivona says:

4:57 weeping cats 😉

Lucas Kane says:

Dogs are so fucking stupid. They can bite a cat in half but just dont know it. Cats rule!

Nina H. says:

😀 😀 :D

Pharoah's Tomb says:

The last one made me lol so hard

napalmnacey says:

Cats aren't necessarily being passive-aggressive when they knock your shit off of shelves. Or any other human emotion. It's curious, so it checks to make sure there's nothing interesting under the object. It's a hunting behaviour, pure and simple.

AMandy van Woudenberg says:

The last one was creepy. And funny.

Anjuska Bird Cherry says:

that black cat – THUG LIFE!! 😀 😀 :D

Wolf girl says:

cats are poisoned or allergic to dog food

Andrew Ace says:

The Cat at 1:20 – So intrigued with gravity :3
The Cat at 1:22 – He knew full well how superstitious the Dog was, but he still stood in its way.

TheDodicat says:

This is not passive agressive

Sports Girl124 says:

the dog was so scared of the cat…

Lee Peffers says:

0:43 100 bucks he looked in the mirror and though "god dammit I'm beautiful"

Excedrin Migraine says:

That German shepherd is having his doggy card taken away from him and being reclassified as a bunny xD

Leon Aerts says:

spectrum break seal last victim pair

AppearingThreatening says:

Cats are so mean I want ten.

Furry Broccoli says:

0:37 What you say to me?! You're next punk!

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