Pet Cat Saves Boy from Two Vicious GATORS -Cat vs Gator (original)

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When two hungry, vicious alligators emerge from the Bayou swamp, Mugsy the CAT, leaps into action to protect a boy from becoming their lunch. See for yourself…

Check out Cat Saves Boy from Mad Dog:
(and you see the stitches to prove it)

Check out Mugsy’s new Movie trailer as Agent 009:

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Aaron Bulong says:

and that's why Egyptians worship cats haha

B says:

I think the cat's days are numbered because those look like young alligators. A large mature alligator probably would not be intimidated. Then again a cat may be too small to make a meal.

john doe says:

I don't scared the crocodile bite the cat.. but im scared the cat fuck the crocodile..

Mohammad Zaman says:

tbh it's messed up they were going into their habitat and annoying them. the gators were straight up chillin.

Rick Gonzalez says:

They're afraid of the humans you cucks

Chez County says:

When can put my deposit down for one of those kitten?!? Savage!

Jim Beam says:

I'm sorry but one day that cat is going to be gator food. The cat is far too confident around those things.

Harambae says:

white people leave me dumbfounded sometimes how you let that little kid get that close -.-

Pink Panther says:

Don't even think about alligator stew. 

JM FIRELORD Gaming says:

Plot tiwst the cat got eaten

Tomes Vor says:

Pound for pound, the domestic cat is the baddest creature on the planet.

Eevii says:

That cat either had Intimidate or Tough Claws, EV trained in speed. Gators knew they could be out sped by it and were easy OHKO material and just had to U-Turn outta there.

I AM A Zebra says:

That slap tho

ZeriocTheTank says:

What is stupid are the people being that close to two alligators. There was even a kid close by WTF!? If that child would of gotten attacked all of those people would demand the death of every alligator in the area. Stupid ignorant ass people!

Mιχ. Καψ. says:

seems that those gators are not hungry

Holly Dee says:

I can't believe these idiots standing around waiting for the cat to get eaten, and laughing!  Would you double over laughing if that gator ate the cat? People are sick in the head! No empathy at all that this cat could have been attacked and eaten. Oh well, what do we care!? What is this world coming too! Big men standing around giggling like morons!

gustavo pereira says:

when you have high self-esteem, you do amazing things.

Shawn Mcgnnity says:

Stupid people with dangerous animal don't mix

Charles Puckett says:

I just see a bunch of hillbillies standing around and a cat and gator harassing eachother. where did the cat "SAVE" the boy?  Looks like these stupid fuckin hillbillies actually were laughing about it and would've stood there while the gator killed the cat and the boy.  fuckin hillbillies…

Ernan Cabral says:

Would be fun to see that arrogant fatty be eaten alive by those gators.

Michael Smythe says:

true alligators are quick and very deadly, but that was like hercakitty, like, like bring it big guy….😂😂😂

bill thompson says:

somebody should have picked that dumb bastard up and threw em right into the pond with the alligators one less person to receiving a Darwin Award

Erny Soberanes says:

they probably feed the gators. thats why they come out like that expecting those idiots to feed them

メキシコ人 says:

the hell is wrong with you people? Save the dog!

Carmen Schuler says:

You know they r feeding these gators. Against da law people 

Carmen Schuler says:

These people are just plain ignorant. Florida has gators in any fresh water. Sometimes pool. These gators will grow quite large. And with no fear of humans one day a two year old will die because of people like them. Fake my ass. 

Hiphop Anonymous says:

I don't see any boys!!… false advertising!

The Real Mr J. says:

I remember reading that you need to tap alligators on the snout to make them go away, so this cat was smart.

Ahmad Al Asiry says:

Croco is doing this in purpose making the cat think he is scared ,, but in any minutes , any second croco attack ,, that's croco tactics 101

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