Pet Therapy Music : Cat Music with Nature Sounds, Purring, Bird Noises To Relax and Calm Kittens

Pet Therapy Music : Cat Music with Nature Sounds, Purring, Bird Noises To Relax and Calm Kittens – Over 10 hours of cat therapy music! Nature sounds to relax your cat, including bird noises and purring. Help destress your kitten. Anxious cat or depressed cat – this is the prefect therapy music for your cat! How to stop your cat from being scared? Try this. It should help.

Relax My Cat are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your cat and help them sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers, and uses binaural technology designed to relax and calm your cat. If your cat has sleeping problems or anxiety problems or is even stressed during construction, fireworks or other loud noises, you should try our music.

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Relax My Cat’s music will help to calm and soothe your cat or kitten in a variety of situations. Minimise separation anxiety, reduce hyperactivity, minimise fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, stop unwanted whining, comfort sick or injured cats and calm your cat on car journeys – Relax My Cat does it all!

Our music is based on feline vocal communication and environmental sounds that pique the interest of cats; it is written in a musical language that is uniquely designed to appeal to the domestic cat. All of the music is recorded on traditional instruments and the human voice. No actual cat, mouse, or bird calls are used (although it may sound like it).

Relax My Cat’s music is unique, and will help in a variety of situations as a substitute for medication. We have helped thousands of cats and kittens worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety. Music therapy for your cat can keep them calm, happy and healthy, and it is a great way to rehabilitate rescue cats – or just get your kitten or cat used to their new home.

Being re-homed is an incredibly stressful time for cats – as they have to get used to a lot of different sights and sounds, as well as their new family and any other pets in the household. We recommend that you play Relax My Cat during this time, and it will help reduce their heart rate and relax them while they explore their new surroundings. No more whining kittens – they will get used to your home in no time at all with the help of Relax My Cat’s music!

You may be litter training, which can be a stressful time for both dog and parent, and our music will soothe your kitten making your life easier. When listening to Relax My Cat you will notice your kitten start to relax, and get more used to their tray, or similarly if you are training them to get used to their travel box.

It is also very useful to calm your cat during car journeys – which many kittens find a stressful time. They may associate it with vets visits – so we recommend playing Relax My Cat’s music before and after visits to the vet to reduce their stress.

The worst time of year for over 60% of cats is Firework season – the loud bangs are really scary for them and you may notice a huge change in your kitty during this time. Thunderstorms are another difficult time for cats, with the majority of cats being very scared of storms because of the unfamiliar loud noises. Relax My Cat is the perfect solution to this anxiety inducing situation – just play our music to reduce your cats anxiety and make them feel safe.

The most common problem we hear is separation anxiety in cats – being separated from you can cause severe anxiety in many cats. Relax My Cat’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and noisy felines all over the world.

Our music will help cats of all breeds and ages to stay relaxed and keep calm. We are also on a number of social media platforms – so join our community and let’s chat! We love to hear about and see pictures of your kitties!

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Relax My Cat - Relaxing Music for Cats says:

Our latest Music – 15 HOURS OF MUSIC 😺❤️💤

T.J Adams says:

Me cat bit my toe then layed down

Evelyn Triplett says:

This music work all the time on my cats

ThunderNakePro GAMING says:

it Worker(:

Hamsters chickens and fish 10 says:

So I played this for my cat and she fell asleep but a few moments later I found myself asleep and thee hours later our cleaning maid woke me up

Natalie Harkness says:

Omg I've never seen my cat like this! I tried a few videos and nothing. I put this on and he immediately started purring loudly, coming up to me for cuddles and massages. He lay down, started cleaning himself while I was massaging him and looks high lol he's struggling to keep his eyes open now and purring loudly. I've never seen him look at me with such love lol

Obscurities says:

Mad how well this works, unfortunately didn’t work for my cat as an anxious kitten but it does now when he’s grown. Used to think comments saying it worked were fake, but my young male quickly fell asleep, moving his head up when I typed. I put it back on, curious, and he fell back asleep. I’m impressed!

SkullDogTim says:

My cat is sleeping right next to me with the first song. I'm crying because this is so cute

Kara C says:

My cat started grooming herself but is now intensely watching me type this comment XD

KingCGuapo G says:

My cat literally laid down right when I turned this on and now she is calm 😄

Kosm _ says:

My cat started sapping my dreams after I fell asleep to this. I don't think it's working correctly.

Farah Aisha says:

i played this for my cat and he immediately lay down and began grooming :’)

SpaceDaddy says:

Pretty sure no healthy cat will relax when hearing several birds suddenly chirping. Cat jumped up on my laptop and started to cry in confusion. :/

KittyCat Gamer says:

My cat was scared of the music sorry didn’t help but I like the other music 🙂

OtakuRadio ! says:

I started crying tears of joy and hugging and petting my cat this was great therapy for us it reminded me of the great times we've had together Thank you 😄♥️

Inked Feathers says:

My kitty instantly left the room when i started the video

Luna_Love says:

*fails at staying awake and falls asleep *

Carolina Santos says:

Maravilhoso! Realmente resulta! O meu gato, Kiko adormeceu aos 2:08!! Muitíssimo obrigada! Só uma pergunta! Como fazer para que os gatos não sintam a nossa falta quando viagamos? Obrigada. E se puder ser, faz o video em pt!! Obroigada

Maia Bonnici says:

Well my cat slept and he loves it 😂💕

Pollygames 3 says:

my cat adores it. Every night he sleep with this music

ExiledStardust says:

Started playing this for my cats. They seem unimpressed, but then, they're naturally pretty laid-back.

Kitten in Paris says:

My cat is sleeping at the end on my bed THIS REALLY WORKS

Kitten in Paris says:

My cat is falling asleep on my legs he is so cute

Anh Pham says:

It’s calm my cat down😲😲😲

Sindy Putri says:

This works for my cat 👍😍


If you love cats as much as I do visit

First name Last name says:

My cat loved it! ❤️

emi says:

this actually correlated to my cat not crying. not sure if it's causally linked though.

J J C says:

I think I’m a cat- this puts me to sleep.

Avery and Ashley Productions says:

This made my cat bite my iPad lol

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