Pet Wild Cat Attack!

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Zeus loves to attack stuffed animals especially if they make noise lol.. All animal noises in this video (besides Zeus’s cute sneeze and yawn) are made by the toy tiger. Zeus doesnt growl.

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Zeus is a domesticated Serval which means it is different than the Servals living in the wild in Africa. Even though these cats have the same DNA and look the same there are some differences. A Domesticated Serval has been domestically bred in captivity for multiple generations going back to the 1960’s. None of the Serval cats you see in homes today were taken out of the wild. They have all been hand raised for years in loving homes. It does take a special educated open minded and patient animal person to own a Serval. A serval is a medium sized African species averaging 20-60lbs and standing 15-30 inches at the shoulder. The Serval has been domesticated for over 5000 years, the ancient Egyptians not only had these majestic cats as pets but they worshiped the serval for its grace and power. This is a highly intelligent animal and as a pet is very much dog like.
Servals DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS. Saying they dont make good pets doesnt mean they cannot make good pets.. Servals Require much more attention devotion responsibility time and money than any domestic pet or hybrid.
A Serval is solitary by nature and will roam up to 4 square miles which it claims as its own territory. ALL Servals (male and female) SPRAY to mark their territory wether they are altered or not. So yes, they will spray your house, your whole house. Doors, walls, clothes, furniture, even you and your family. They will never use the literbox completely. Which means you will have areas in your home where the serval will relieve it self wether you try to train them not to or you put things in the way to try to get it to avoid it.
The Serval will live up to 20 years old and needs zoo-like outside/inside facilities with a large enough exercise area to run, a pool in which to swim and dive, and an area with lots of climbing possibilities. Servals will escape from anything that is not totally secure and are unlikely to return once having escaped. Servals are solitary by nature and like to travel many miles when hunting. They require a special all natural RAW diet with vitamin supplements and special health care.
Even if hand-raised and tamed, a Serval will never be a “lap cat”.
Servals are only legal in 4 States and STILL require a permit and have guidelines for the size and type of cage that they need. Check with your state and local authorities.


Thnorcourtney Baird says:

lol id pay big bucks for that keke

BL08MAIN says:

how old is zeus???

Andrew Gibson says:


Madd Perry says:

Aren't wild cats really dangerous? (I might just be confused with another animal) also in fourth grade someone put a wild cats head on our field, we don't know who, but it was horrifying 🙁

krrrruptidsoless says:

I always have goats with me when I go for a walk. So I never have problems with trolls. Trolls love cats from what I heard. Whether it is eating them or keeping them as pets, I am not sure. But I am sure they call them horrible names and swear at them. Whereas most people recite poems to their cats. And say only cheerful things around them.

Christel Vinot says:

okay I think you must be trolling. lol good day.

krrrruptidsoless says:

So rude to your friend the cat. tsk tsk. I think an appropriate poem would be more welcomed.

Christel Vinot says:

(cont again lol sorry) you could even say like, "asshole food dindin no poop" or something else that's nothing like a full sentence, and as long as you're giving them food every time, they will think that means time for food.

Christel Vinot says:

dude… you could say a poem or you could say a bunch of nonsensical gobbledeegook… and if you're saying it in the same way, it makes absolutely no difference if you are saying full sentences or nonsensical crap. Animals brains don't work like human brains. Not speaking inf full sentences in no way makes them more stupid, because they cannot comprehend human language in the first place.

krrrruptidsoless says:

I forgot the original comment. Lets see where was I. Ah, yes talking to you cat. It is always good to talk full sentences to you cat because acting like they aren't smart will make them seem stupid. If you use full sentences they will increase their ability to retain thus making them quite the good listener. Poems read to them when it is about them particular is always good to do. In fact write a poem about them as precisely as you can. And if you speak it often and fully it will respond fully.

Christel Vinot says:

Are you still saying that people should speak to animals in full sentences? That's what you were originally arguing for, and I was arguing against. Seems like you're not talking about that anymore?

krrrruptidsoless says:

The thing you are talking about is getting them to do something for you. But actually knowing what they want, not what you want them to want. Takes knowing what they want, not what they have been trained to respond to. In actuality I now what I'm am typing about
You have been told what you are typing about
Around :18 it is saying it needs out
:23 It is trying to figure out the why's of the white nose bat fungus
:33 the nose licking there is wondering if there is any morsels left on the toy or ?

Christel Vinot says:

humans and animals have totally different brains. Talking to an adult human like an animal makes no sense, because adult humans don't perceive things the same way as animals. There's actual scientific backing on how to speak to your pet in the best way for them to understand you, and it has everything to do with tone of voice, sensing feeling, and consistently relating certain words/sounds with specific actions. Like how I excitedly say "treats for the baby!!" at my lil kitty.. lol.

krrrruptidsoless says:

You could say the same thing to anybody that doesn't speak English. You smart aleks are all buecoup dinky dau. besides animal are politer than humans and don't listen to you, to hate you. You will never know what I am typing about because you are either a religious or evolutionist or wannabe nihilist.

Christel Vinot says:

Why don't people talk full sentences to animals? Because they're animals, and don't understand human language. They feel tones of voice and sense mood. It's not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it. You could say "aw what an ugly lil fuckface!" in a cutsie voice and the cat would respond happily or excitedly to it. There's no need or reason to speak in full sentences to animals.

Christel Vinot says:

lol omg I actually felt sad when I heard the toy cat make a noise…

Amanda Morgan says:

This cat is soooo cool!

Blaze Tourville says:

my mom has 2 servals !!

Bleh Meh says:

"It could" eat Pit Bulls.

Banjojo says:

Projector instead of TV. Serval instead of domestic breed. You must be well off.

HyperActive1OO says:

That is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen 😀

brunzy1994 says:

It's a grasshopper…

Remi Scarlett says:

It's a Serval… Please read the comments or look at the channel of which this video was posted. XD

PaperChaserNate says:

amazing looking cat, like a leopard or sumthing…what kinda cat is that

lalaland2199 says:

yes they are very high maitenance.. and yes you do have to provide them with room and spend a lot of time with as possible or else they'll start tearing up your house

keithboy1993 says:

Hey what do you feed him on a daily basis? He is adorable!

blackeyelinerdoll says:

He is beautiful.

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