Psy – Oppa Gangnam Style – Preppy Kitty Style

This is our cat parody of Oppa Gangnam Style

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N2 – I rescued N2 in 2000 and he was a loyal loving fur friend until he sadly passed away from cancer on April 25th 2014. N2 was a very loving, kind, affectionate kitty that loved to talk and that’s why we made a talking cat YouTube show back in 2011. He’s best known for his songs like What Does the Cat Say? Preppy Cat, Preppy Kitty Style, I get Tuna and Super Hero Cat.

Kona – We rescued Kona, a Siamese Tortie, in April of 2011 and she’s brought so much love and affection to our lives ever since that day. She’s best known for her rivalry with N2 as the number one kitty in the household and being the stinky princess.

Bo – We rescued Bo a few months after N2 passed away in the summer of 2014. As a kitten Bo had large ears that he’s kinda grown into now 🙂 and is a very affectionate kitty with amazing leaping ability, as shown off in his Olympic Cat Episode and Boss Cat Music Video performances.

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Thinh Tran says:

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! and I WATCHED THIS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Alexian Rueda says:

WOW!! you're cats love catnip

msp sapphire says:

Your cats are amazing

alles die er maar bestaat says:

Is dat boeboe

gaming blast dragon ball xzenovers22 says:

2018 anyone

N2 cat crew fan 252 says:

This song used to make me laugh but now it makes me sad and miss N2 rest in peace N2

GarrettTheGengar says:

N2 will be known for all humanity.

LeaderKirsten CampBell says:

I Like Love it

BabyPrincessTipyToes Lol says:

2:01 N2, can you PLEASE tell me WHAT you were doing..??

BabyPrincessTipyToes Lol says:

2:01 Wait WHAT?!!!

Darth Mizocat says:

My cat is a bit preppy but my cat is very fluffy aswell

Ijenwa Atasie says:

awww soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!

Sean Roberts says:

0:41 Kona 😂😂

Winter Hale says:

Ma a boss cat like you N2 i love cats #Preppykittystyle can you make a move are fnaf cats Ma
Lol bye 🙂 😀

Maple Fur says:

Omg I love this but I started crying because the little black and white cat at 1:08 looks exactly like my cat that got stolen

MiniBlackTigers says:

My favorite n2 music video

Corina Mitchel says:


Trotgaming1809 Is cool says:

I watch this when i was 4

nightmare foxy bat man says:


Ionut Susu says:

Bravo spacchi di grosso bella la canzone.

Rhonda Williams says:

N2 is so fat that's what makes him so cute

Rhonda Williams says:

Kona can dance

SMG videa says:

dalbych 1000000 like😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Super Diamond says:

I love this so much

Kitty Girl says:

like a bawse


Prepare kitty stile😎


Loving it 😻😻😻

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